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Our solutions match your needs. This is especially true for complex business models, such as platforms and marketplaces. You need a refined payment infrastructure to optimize and manage your business processes, so we’ve built the products to do just that.

Our dedicated solutions will help you take care of business compliance in a smart and reliable way.

We help you:

Monetize your platform

How you handle payments can differentiate you from competitors in the eyes of your customers and form an additional source of revenue for your business. 

Streamline your onboarding (KYC)

Automate the onboarding process for your customers through our API. We collect the required information and ensure compliance.

Outsource compliance

Let us manage the complexity of international regulations. Leverage our international licenses to stay PSD2 compliant.

Simplify your business model

Use one main account to manage and keep track of all transactions under your platform.

Manage your transactions

Process refunds, send payments links, and gain insight. Split payments and decide how you want funds to flow.

Optimize your business operations

Accelerate your onboarding process

Onboard your customers swiftly and smoothly through our API. By consolidating information and checks in bulk, we simplify the complexities of onboarding to get your customers up and running faster and accelerate your business.

We’ll take care of all know your customer (KYC) obligations, ensuring that you’re fully compliant.

Control your payments

Complex situations call for flexible solutions. We created our toolkit with one goal in mind: to simplify and optimize your payment scenarios. 

Our extensive payment mix will meet the needs of your customers and your business.

Payment operations made easy


Process partial or full refunds your way - through our dashboard, from your integration, or via our API.


Good customer service is key to prevent chargebacks. We minimize chargebacks by using the highest security standards and integrating your logo where possible to help your customers recognize who they’re buying from. 

Recurring payments

Use tokenization to offer highly secure recurring payments. Encrypt payment data and manage subscriptions easily.


Optimize the customer experience and improve brand recognition and trust with a dedicated virtual IBAN  for your company for bank transfers or SEPA Direct Debits. This helps you match payments and minimize customer queries.

Refine your fund flow

Create a fixed or variable commission model through our split payments and payouts API endpoints. Deduct fees or split incoming funds between customer bank accounts.

Manage your funding model your way.


Manage the flow of direct charges through your platform and marketplace. Set a preferred amount or percentage to automatically charge for each transaction.


Send funds from your MultiSafepay balance to your own or your customer’s business bank accounts easily and on demand. Available manually at any time or automatically on a schedule in a variety of currencies.

Discover the full list of payment methods

View payment methods

Manage your customers

Set up a single primary account to maintain a clear overview of all your customers and their payments.

Our insightful dashboard will help you identify potential issues, manage your day-to-day business, and direct funds where needed.

Automate your reconciliation

When handling high volumes of complicated transactions such as split payments, partial refunds, and charges, keeping track of revenue can quickly become complicated and error-prone. 

Our automatic reconciliation API endpoint lets you handle complex situations easily, keeping your reconciliation process manageable and scalable - no matter the volume. 

Automate, save time spent on spreadsheets and improve your accuracy. 

Gain valuable insights

Generate a range of reports from your MultiSafepay dashboard to zoom in on different interactions and uncover valuable insights. Discover who your best customers are, what payment methods they prefer, and what devices they use.

Easily retrieve details about transactions via our API.

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