Cartes Bancaires

The optimal payment experience for French customers.

Facilitate French shoppers through Cartes Bancaires

Cartes Bancaires (formerly known as Carte Bleue) is the largest and most popular payment method in France. 

This French representative of Visa is a mainstay in the majority of French online stores, and a key ingredient for success in France. Cartes Bancaires is highly safe due to it being backed up by Visa.

The numbers

Across France, there's currently around 60 million cardholders for Cartes Bancaires. Transaction numbers are equally impressive, with yearly numbers rounding out around 10 billion transactions. 

Acquirer & Processor

As Acquirer & Processor for the main credit card schemes, we're able to influence the payment flow faster, and more efficiently than a Payment Service Provider without that status.

Transactions through us enjoy a higher availability and resilience, faster processing and improved settlement speeds. In the case of marketwide downtimes, we’re able to adjust quicker and get your business back up and running.






Cartes Bancaires features:

More than 70 million cards
Co-branded with Visa or Mastercard
For more information, see Cartes Bancaires

Customer benefits:

  • 95% of customers in France
  • Real time authorization
  • Chargebacks for unrecognised transactions

Merchant benefits:

  • Lower chargeback rate than Visa or Mastercard
  • 3D Secure
  • MultiSafepay’s automated fraud filter

How Cartes Bancaires works

Activate Cartes Bancaires today!

Cartes Bancaires payments are processed through our Visa gateway. Simply apply to your account manager and we'll activate Cartes Bancaires in your account.

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We offer the following integration options:

Hosted solution

Redirect your customers to our own secured hosted solution.

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Embed payments directly in your checkout.

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Custom integration

Integrate directly through our API.

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Ready-made integrations

We offer ready-made integrations for the most popular CMS tools.

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Cartes Bancaires is highly trusted in France, and offers the security of being backed by the VISA network. On top of that, the acceptance rate in France is exceptional

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