Pay After Delivery payments in your webshop

Get started today and easily integrate Pay After Delivery using our custom built plugins and API. No start-up costs.

Buy-Now Pay-Later, by MultiSafepay

As one of our MultiSafepay exclusives, Pay After Delivery allows your customers to easily purchase their desired products from your webshop, see their purchase and then complete the payment.

As a fully optimized mobile payment, you'll be able to offer a swift, one-click checkout to your customers.

Boost your business

Buy-Now Pay-Later is one of the main trends in ecommerce. It makes it easier for first time shoppers to pull the trigger and raises their average order value. Furthermore, seeing as your checkout procedure is significantly faster, you'll notice a strong increase in conversion and returning customers. With MultiSafepay responsible for collecting payments, your payouts are guaranteed. 





Pay After Delivery features:
  • No chargebacks
  • Discounts
  • Full, partial, and API refunds

Founded in 2013
Guaranteed payments 
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Customer benefits:

  • Try before you buy and only pay for what you keep
  • High confidence
  • Easy mobile payments

Merchant benefits:

  • Guaranteed payments
  • MultiSafepay credit check
  • Wrap-around technical support

How Pay After Delivery works

Receive Pay After Delivery payments through Multisafepay

  • No start-up costs
  • More than 30 local and international payment methods under one contract
  • In-house development with excellent tech support

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We offer the following integration options:

Hosted solution

Redirect your customers to our own secured hosted solution.

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Embed payments directly in your checkout.

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Custom integration

Integrate directly through our API.

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Ready-made integrations

We offer ready-made integrations for the most popular CMS tools.

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33% of consumers want to see, feel and try a product before buying it and 21% of consumers chose to pay using a BNPL method. Pay After Delivery allows you to take advantage of this.

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