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Get started today and easily integrate Pay in Installments using our custom built plugins and API. No start-up costs.

Our solution - your customer journey

As one of our MultiSafepay exclusives, Pay After Delivery allows your customers to choose their preferred method of post-payment.
Payment for you is guaranteed, meaning we’ll assume the risk and collection of payment. Pay After Delivery also gives you access to partial shipping, and our 2022 overhaul features an improved risk assessment and fraud analysis, reducing the risk of non-payment while resulting in more acceptances and faster payments overall.

On top of that, our BNPL product is created with our merchants in mind. Throughout the entire customer journey, you’re always in control of valuable data. As MultiSafepay collects the payments, payout for you is guaranteed.

Pay in installments - Raise your order value

The success of Buy Now, Pay Later is tied to customers spending more when they don’t have to pay right away. While Pay in 14 is excellent for fashion retailers, it doesn’t always cover your needs when you’re offering something that’s a higher value. That’s where installments come in. 

Installments take the entire order amount and split it into three equal terms, which have to be paid within 60 days. This essentially gives your customer a way to finance a larger order amount, or just split the payment in more manageable bites. It also allows you to present high product values in a better way. 





Pay in Installments features:
  • Discounts
  • Full, partial, and API refunds
  • Partial shipment

Founded in 2013
Guaranteed payment
For more information, read Pay After Delivery

Customer benefits:

  • After initial 33% payment, receive the product before paying the remainder
  • Split larger amounts into three terms
  • Optimized for mobile

Merchant benefits:

  • Guaranteed payouts
  • MultiSafepay credit check
  • Keep full control of the customer journey
  • All your BNPL needs through one provider

How Pay in Installments works

Receive Pay in Installments payments through Multisafepay

  • No start-up costs
  • More than 30 local and international payment methods under one contract
  • In-house development with excellent tech support

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We offer the following integration options:

Hosted solution

Redirect your customers to our own secured hosted solution.

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Embed payments directly in your checkout.

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Custom integration

Integrate directly through our API.

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Ready-made integrations

We offer ready-made integrations for the most popular CMS tools.

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By offering both Pay After Delivery options in your checkout, you can create a refined Buy Now, Pay Later experience for your customers. Give them control over the way they pay and boost your conversion."

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