Optimize your conversion

Fine-tune your customers’ shopping experience and increase sales in your webshop

Boost your online business

To maximize your conversion, you need a top tier checkout and sleek, wrap-around communications.

Our automated features help recover lost revenue and expand your business by facilitating a first-class, frictionless shopping experience that brings customers back again and again.

The right payment method for the right customer

There’s no better way to boost your conversion than by offering your customer the exact payment method they’re looking for.

Our extensive payment mix of local and international payment methods, will allow you to tune your checkout to your customers’ preferences.

Second Chance

Follow up customers who abandon their shopping cart and increase conversion by up to 35%! Second Chance sends automated, fully customizable email reminders with a link to complete payment.

  • Highly effective
  • Quick and easy to activate

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Embedded solutions

Create a seamless experience by embedding a customizable payment component directly into your checkout.

  • Keep customers on your website instead of redirecting to a hosted payment page.
  • Dynamically offer the most popular payment method
  • Adjust your payment fields to match your company styling
  • No handling of sensitive data.

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Seamless credit card payments

Offer your customers frictionless in-checkout verification through 3D Secure 2.0

Our direct connection to the customer’s bank will allow us to determine whether or not authentication is required. If it is required, it's handled seamlessly within your checkout. 

Providing a swift, seamless payment experience while maintaining high acceptance rates.

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One-click payments

A fast checkout is a good checkout

Leverage tokenization to safely store customers’ payment details from an initial payment to make subsequent payments quick and easy.

Payment details auto-fill and customers don’t need to repeat authentication. Ideal for recurring payments and returning customers.

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Email templates

Save time with our range of preformatted email templates for customer communications, from payment notifications to Second Chance emails.

Fully customizable to match your look and feel.

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Advanced fraud settings

Security is at the heart of our business.

We’re constantly monitoring payments, and actively tracking potential fraud cases. Our Risk Team analyzes high-risk transactions and is always looking to minimize chargeback rates. 

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Mobile commerce

Optimizing your checkout for mobile is key.

Our payment pages are fully optimized for mobiles, deploying PWAs and wallet solutions like Google Pay and Apple Pay. Ensuring your customer can enjoy a fully seamless payment experience.

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Multi currency

Let customers pay in their own local currency to improve transparency and trust. 

MultiSafepay supports a wide range of international currencies and can add new ones on request. Convert funds directly in your MultiSafepay account.

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"MultiSafepay has helped us create the right checkout for our target audience. With their help we've been able to expand to over five countries in the timespan of only a year!"

Bart Latenstein,

Managing Director @ Phone-factory.nl

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