Value added services - How MultiSafepay enriches your business processes

The landscape of online payments is ever-changing, with new products, services and trends popping up all over the place. With such rapid developments, it’s essential to separate the wheat from the chaff and ensure that the products and services you do engage with actually add value to your business. 
So, what does MultiSafepay offer that can enhance your business processes? This  blog delves deeper into our range of services, looking at how they intertwine with major payment trends and how they can work to your advantage, online and in store.

Increase your customers’ purchasing power

2020 was a tumultuous year where many things changed, including the rise in popularity of Buy Now - Pay Later (BNPL) payment methods. Many are describing them as the credit card alternative for younger generations, such as Gens Y and Z.
BNPL methods offer convenience, seamless checkout experiences, transparency of online transactions, and significantly boost customers’ purchasing power. This in turn raises the average order value

There are many different BNPL platforms and variants to choose from, and the key to capitalizing on this trend is offering the right payment method for the right product. At MultiSafepay, we offer a range of the most popular methods in Europe. You’ll find established names such as Klarna and AfterPay,  more recent entries to the market such as in3, and methods tailored to specific situations, such as Santander’s Betaal per Maand. We also offer our very own methods, developed in house: E-Invoicing and Pay After Delivery. More on those later.

Save valuable time with E-Invoicing

Perhaps one of the most complicated and time-consuming processes for every business is invoicing. It’s not uncommon for small businesses to finally achieve their goals and start becoming successful, only to run into the obstacle of managing the increase in invoices. This fundamental process requires timely, accurate, systematic handling of data and accounts, to avoid late or missing payments and scaring away return customers. It is essential to set up your system to maximize results while minimizing effort. 

The catalyst for the development of our E-Invoicing payment method was saving time. We set out to develop a method that would spare our merchants the unnecessary headache of dealing with their invoicing manually. E-Invoicing offers a multitude of features, such as

  • A range of online payment types
  • Low-code set up
  • Flexible integration
  • An intuitive user interface
  • Installments and recurring payments
  • Multiple or partial shipments

Optimize your communications with customers, invoice quickly and accurately, and keep track of your payment flows. All conveniently managed through a single connection – that is the essence of E-Invoicing.

BNPL with that MultiSafepay touch

Here at MultiSafepay, we pride ourselves on our ingenuity. We build our payments machine in-house and solve complex challenges in order to achieve tangible results for our merchants and partners. This same approach shaped the development of our very own BNPL method: Pay After Delivery. 

What sets our method apart is controlling the full payment flow from end to end. What does that mean exactly? Because we built the entire payment solution under one roof, we can monitor, support, and maintain all your needs . Your account manager serves as a single, knowledgeable point of contact who can speak directly with the developers. There are no third parties or middle men handling the funds, minimizing the potential for delays and unforeseen issues. 

We believe that working closely with our merchants and partners  is a key factor for our mutual success. 
If you’re already working with us, but would like to engage with more of our services, please reach out to your account manager. If you’re a new merchant looking to join us on our journey , don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team.

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