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Grow your business with AfterPay

As one of the major Buy-Now Pay-Later providers on the market, AfterPay is a key ingredient in a well-rounded payment mix. Through MultiSafepay you'll be able to offer this flexible payment method in the Netherlands and Belgium, allowing customers to pay up to 14 days after their purchase. 

Elevate your checkout

Through AfterPay, you'll be able to improve your checkout conversion, boost customer trust and loyalty, and raise your order value.

Data shows that by allowing customers to pay for their order later, they'll assemble bigger orders than when paying directly for their products. Also, being able to complete the payment swiftly significantly boosts your checkout speed. 



Netherlands, Belgium    



AfterPay features:

Founded in 2010
For more information, see AfterPay

Customer benefits:

  • Try before you buy and only pay for what you keep
  • Easy-to-use app and online portal
  • 14 days to pay, pause payment, or convert to instalments

Merchant benefits:

  • Guaranteed settlement
  • No risk
  • No chargebacks

How AfterPay works

Activate AfterPay today!

 Simply apply to your account manager and create an AfterPay account. If you already have an AfterPay account, simply request them to connect you to MultiSafepay!

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We offer the following integration options:

Hosted solution

Redirect your customers to our own secured hosted solution.

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Embed payments directly in your checkout.

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Custom integration

Integrate directly through our API.

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Ready-made integrations

We offer ready-made integrations for the most popular CMS tools.

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Shop now - Try first - Pay later. Offer your consumers the ultimate convenience through AfterPay

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