Create and manage your own online payment process

Offering your customers the opportunity to pay after they have received their order is customer-friendly and can boost conversion rates in your online shop. There are many 'buy now, pay later' payment options to choose from. However, you generally do not have any say regarding the payment process or the communication process. With E-Invoicing by MultiSafepay, you have complete control over the entire payment process and all communications with your customers. 

One connection, endless possibilities

E-Invoicing is easy to integrate and can be completely personalized in MultiSafepay Control. Create your own process for risk management, set up a timeline, and select your preferred means of communication. E-Invoicing is the most flexible and customer-friendly e-commerce payment solution, particularly for B2B Sales. 

How it works

You create your own 'timeline' in MultiSafepay Control. Select your preferred means of communication (paper invoice, email, and/or SMS) to approach your customers regarding their payment. All this in your own look & feel and with your own texts and content. 

Your customer can select this payment option in the checkout and will automatically receive a payment request as soon as the timeline begins. If no payment is received after the first request, the next step in the timeline is automatically initiated. 


With the right knowledge of local Spanish payments methods, we could offer the Spanish shoppers the confidence to buy from our shops.


You decide how and when you approach your customer

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