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Win over the Danish with Dankort

If you're trying to sell your products to Danish customers, they're going to expect to be able to pay with Dankort. This credit card payment method is a true staple for the Danish market, and has been for years. 

About 90% of the Danish market is in possession of a Dankort credit card, and allowing them to pay through Dankort will boost their trust in your webshop.

Payments through Dankort will be processed and added to your bank account the day after a purchase is made. 

Acquirer & Processor

As Acquirer & Processor for the main credit card schemes, we're able to influence the payment flow faster, and more efficiently than a Payment Service Provider without that status.

Transactions through us enjoy a higher availability and resilience, faster processing and improved settlement speeds. In the case of marketwide downtimes, we’re able to adjust quicker and get your business back up and running.





Dankort features:

First issued in 1983
Co-branded by Visa
For more information, see Dankort

Customer benefits:

  • Trusted and extremely safe
  • Chargebacks for unrecognized transactions

Merchant benefits:

  • Verified by Visa for security
  • MultiSafepay’s automated fraud filter

How Dankort works

Receive Dankort payments through Multisafepay

  • No start-up costs
  • More than 30 local and international payment methods under one contract
  • In-house development with excellent tech support

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We offer the following integration options:

Hosted solution

Redirect your customers to our own secured hosted solution.

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Embed payments directly in your checkout.

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Custom integration

Integrate directly through our API.

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Ready-made integrations

We offer ready-made integrations for the most popular CMS tools.

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For merchants looking to enter the Danish market. Look no further. Dankort is well-known, safe and guaranteed. Essential ingredients in an online payment method. 

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