Lower your cart abandonment rate and boost your conversion through Apple Pay / Google Pay direct

Accommodating your shoppers and offering them a first-class shopping experience is an integral part in every online store's success. In the modern ecommerce landscape, shoppers need to be able to take care of business fast, which means removing friction.

Every obstacle to them completing their purchase is a potential dropout, which you want to avoid.
Looking at payment methods and which ones can aid you in streamlining the shopper flow through your website, digital wallets are at the top of the list. 

This article will look at a specific integration method of Apple and Google Pay that will enhance the shopping experience and improve your conversion significantly: Apple and Google Pay direct. 

A quick overview: What’s a direct integration?

Generally speaking, when offering payments in your webshop, you can go down two roads. Option one is a hosted payment page; this payment page hosted by MultiSafepay dynamically sorts and shows payment methods relevant to the customer and selected by your business. The other variant, a direct integration, directly embeds the payment method or fields needed to complete the payment into your checkout, removing external redirects completely. With that in mind, let’s look at some statistics on customer behavior online. 

Fighting cart abandonment rate

Data leveraged in our article dedicated to digital wallets and their effect on the checkout shows that the main reasons customers abandon their cart are related to payment methods. 

  • 61%: Extra costs (shipping, taxes, fees) were too high
  • 35%: Didn’t want to create an account
  • 27%: The checkout process was too long or complicated
  • 24%: Couldn’t see or calculate total order cost up-front
  • 22%: Reported the website had errors or crashed.
  • 18% Didn’t trust the site with their credit card information
  • 16%: Delivery timeline was much too slow
  • 10%: Didn’t believe the returns policy to be fair or satisfactory
  • 8%: Didn’t see their preferred method of payment
  • 5%: Their credit card was declined

Of the reasons listed above, you can remedy the ones marked in bold by offering digital wallets as a payment method. 

However, if you want to take this one step further - and look to provide that true seamless shopping experience - you can offer Apple and Google Pay straight from your product page. The bolded reasons above are reasons the shopper will most likely run into in the actual checkout. So what’s the most direct way of solving these issues (and boosting your conversion)? Make sure your customer doesn’t interact with your checkout page at all.

Direct product page integration

As mentioned before, Apple and Google Pay have an even more direct offering, which truly streamlines the customer journey through your webshop. This integration is called Apple / Google Pay direct and allows you to integrate a dedicated payment button into your product page overview.

This direct integration completely circumvents the checkout page. Allowing your customers to complete their purchase with the click of a button. The wallet contains all relevant data, which the integration matches and processes, allowing the shopper to complete their transaction within seconds. 

What does this mean for you?

Removing a step from the shopping procedure saves time. Saving time leads to less time for the shopper to contemplate their purchase, which will lead to more impulse purchases. Tied into this is the effect on your cart abandonment rate. With less time to ponder, and no interaction with your checkout page, your cart abandonment rate will decrease, and your conversion rate will increase. 

Overall, if you’re looking to offer the most streamlined digital wallets payments experience possible, this version of Apple and Google Pay direct is the answer.
The integration itself does depend on what platform and version your business is using. Still, if you’d like to look into the possibilities of offering Apple and Google Pay direct, our payment experts will be happy to help you on your way. 

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