Hyvä Checkout & MultiSafepay

MultiSafepay is the very first payment provider for Hyvä Checkout. Learn more about our integration and how it provides a smooth payment experience for Hyvä users. 

Thinking about using Hyvä Checkout?

Ready to take the next step? Hyvä Checkout might be just the thing.
This new Laravel Livewire port for Magento 2 once again creates an intuitive workflow for developers, all while remaining within the Magento ecosystem.

Our in-house developers have worked hard to ensure we’re the first payment service provider to release a compatible payment module.
Through MultiSafepay, you can easily accept over 35 payment methods, such as local favorites like iDeal or Bancontact, and popular international methods like Apple Pay, PayPal, or Alipay.

Our pricing model is competitive and matches your business. You're sure to stay ahead of the competition through the latest features, extensive reporting, and invoicing tools.

  • Flexible reporting integrations and features
  • In-house risk and fraud monitoring
  • Accept and process payments in various currencies through our multi-currency feature
  • Free app, no startup or monthly costs
  • Access the MultiSafepay Dashboard and MultiSafepay app for free
  • Style your communications to match your branding

Wide range of payment methods

Our current integration offers our full range of redirected payment methods. Consumers will be sent from the checkout to our hosted payment page, where they select their payment method of choice and take care of business. We’ll take care of all the updates and latest innovations in this payment space.

Easily display the payment methods in your preferred order, boosting checkout conversion.

More coming soon!
The Hyvä Checkout environment is still in a beta phase. As the first payment service provider to launch a Hyvä Checkout integration, we’ve got many more ecommerce innovations and features coming your way soon.

Stay tuned for what’s next!

Key Hyvä Checkout advantages

We view Hyvä Checkout, and the other Hyvä themes, as the checkout that the default Magento Luma theme should have become. Hyvä Checkout is an alternative to PWA, freeing you from the Javascript-only web.
The result is a lightning-quick, easy-to-use checkout integration.

For merchants

Increased website speed

Hyvä Checkout is incredibly fast. Boost your SEO through its incredible page load time. Fast-loading pages keep visitors engaged.

Cost-efficiënt in the long run

Hyvä themes require a one-time investment. But in time you won’t spend nearly as much on development costs. Hyvä Checkout gives you a sustainable alternative. 

Boost your conversion

In connection to the fast page load speed, Hyvä Checkout is a key conversion booster. The faster the page loads, the better the chance of converting.

Faster time to market for new features

The reduced complexity for developers means faster rollout of innovations, which is essential for ecommerce companies.

For developers

Reduced complexity

By reducing the complexity of the frontend, the Hyvä Checkout is easy and more fun to work with. Your developers can do more in less time with Hyvä Checkout.

Easier to maintain

Hyvä Checkout is separated from the Magento frontend, which means you can update the Magento base without affecting the frontend. 

Reduced dependencies

Hyvä Checkout is a Laravel Livewire port and only uses Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js libraries. These are great for improving the user experience. 

Part of a growing community

The Hyvä community is continuously growing. Developers are happy to work with Hyvä, and being part of a growing movement is a good thing.

Hyvä & MultiSafepay

Hyvä has played a significant role in ecommerce in recent years. Working closely with Hyvä will ensure our merchants are at the forefront of innovation and can enjoy all the latest payment features and innovations.

"Creating a better experience for consumers, but also developers, is very important. If a platform is easy to work with, over time more people will flock to it.
By creating a payment integration that works from the start, we want to help stimulate the growth of Hyvä Checkout.”

Robin de Laater

Integration Developer @ MultiSafepay

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