Badjas & Multisafepay - Increasing conversion with Magento 2 features

E-commerce is growing more than ever before - and the COVID-19-pandemic significantly accelerated this development. While some more traditional brick and mortar entrepreneurs and businesses have been affected by this negatively, many online stores have experienced an increase in sales.

This means great commercial opportunities for sales - but it also requires online stores to adapt to changing demands and behaviors of their customers, larger quantities of orders, and several other factors. This article tells the success story of our merchants, Badjas and MultiSafepay - an example of how strong partnership helps adapt to these shifts and overcome barriers for commerce.

From Magento 1 to Magento 2 with Multisafepay

Badjas most prominent online store - - runs on the Magento 2 platform and was implemented by MultiSafepay. What we have in common is the belief that strong partnerships are one of the ways to make the most of one’s webshop.

"Being the market leader in bathrobes, we embraced online sales and launched their webshop in the Benelux area more than twelve years ago. When we started our online business, we knew we wanted a trusted and professional partner, and therefore chose building a long-lasting cooperation with Multisafepay as our payment service provider. was originally built in Magento 1, and in October 2019, we switched to Magento 2. We knew MultiSafepay provided ecommerce integrations and plugins for platforms, and what was great to see was that their services didn't just stop after the integration. Their Magento 2 Solution specialists professionally supported the transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2 for us.” 

“As an online store, building and providing a user-friendly web store for our valued customers is a central aspect for us - and that's what we can offer with the help of MultiSafepay.”

Increase your conversion by Magento Instant purchase

“Some of the main challenges all webshops face is around generating traffic and optimizing conversion. While this is often perceived mainly as a marketing challenge, other factors like the website’s speed, mobile responsiveness, and display on a cell phone are key. User-friendliness and a well-categorized web store ensure more traffic and higher conversion. With this in mind, 'Magento Instant Purchase,' the new Magento 2 feature for the checkout process, came into play. With this feature, your webshop can store details like delivery and invoice addresses, which decreases the purchase time and can lead to increased order conversion.” 

“Working with MultiSafepay, we could instantly and at all times feel that Multisafepay is constantly trying to provide their clients with outstanding services. Instead of merely updating the old plugin, they decided to completely rewrite it to avoid bugs and barriers for ecommerce at all times - and this succeeded.”

Our company offers our customers all possible payment solutions through Multisafepay. Safe payment for the customer and higher conversion for the webshops!

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