Meet the team - Vinod Sowdagar

Joining MultiSafepay

Vinod is a key part of our development team and when it comes to Magento 2, he’s always looking for opportunities to improve and add exciting new features to our integration, to enhance the checkout experience for the consumer. Which made us think, how did Vinod reach this stage in his career and where did it all begin?

In Vinods own words: “In the final stages of my computer science education I was working on my graduation internship, at a relatively small company. I was the only one with knowledge of computer science there at the time. As someone who is driven by personal growth, I’ve always been eager to keep learning and developing myself. At a company where I was the sole IT employee, this was simply not an option.

That was the moment I started asking my friends if they knew any places that would better suit my needs. A classmate of mine recommended MultiSafepay because of the friendly and open work environment. So I applied for a job and they told me they needed someone who could fully focus on Magento 2. Over the years they noticed that it was becoming more and more complicated to maintain and develop, and they needed more dedicated developers. I agreed and from then, until now, I am working as a Magento developer at MultiSafepay.”

Growing into his role

When Vinod joined us, he was still developing his skills when it came to the various programming languages. Having learned mostly Java and Python during his formal education, transitioning to PHP was something that took time and dedication, but Vinod relished the challenge and familiarised himself with the programming language in no-time. 

“In the beginning I noticed that I needed some time to adjust to PHP application development, as I was coming from Java and later Python in my studies. But over time I quickly adapted and I got a lot of good feedback from my colleagues.”

Looking at Vinod’s story, we’re happy to see key points come back that fall in line with what we feel our corporate identity is. We truly value our people, and believe our people are one of our key strengths. Vinod is at the heart of that, being part of our in-house Development Team. 

From novice to expert

 “With Magento there were some specific things related to the framework, which I didn’t know. Fortunately with the guidance of my mentor. I got to go on training courses for Magento backend development. I also went to Magento events as a MultiSafepay employee, which helped me get into the Magento world and talk with other developers about Magento and the direction it is heading.”

After becoming more familiar with Magento and its community, Vinod managed to successfully obtain his first Magento certificate, solidifying himself as a certified Magento 2 developer. However, he’s not stopping there. Currently, Vinod is in the process of obtaining the next certificate, which would further establish him as the true Magento expert we know he is. 

Completely reworked integration

“In my time at MultiSafepay I've mainly specialized in Magento 2 development. My job is to develop the best solutions for our Partners and Merchants, so using data and listening to feedback we identified opportunities for improvement. After a full review, we decided to deliver a 'best in class' product, and we would best achieve this through a full rewrite of the code”

As a Magento 2 developer, our Magento 2 integration was Vinod’s primary focus for the majority of his time with us. Vinod started an ambitious project of completely rewriting our Magento 2 integration. With the help of Magento Master Jisse Reitsma, Vinod completed his reworked Magento 2 integration recently. Adding top-of-the-line features such as Magento Vault and Instant Purchase, and ensuring the foundations of our plugin were built in a durable, reliable fashion through a brand new PHP-SDK - which will also support many of our other plugins for years to come. 

Over the years, as the demand has grown, as such our team had to grow alongside that demand. This addition of talent has helped Vinod bring more and more features to our Magento 2 integration. Our newest member of the Development Team, Stanislau, has helped Vinod quickly bring GraphQL support to our plugin, ensuring our plugin is ready to handle the future of PWA.

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