MplusKASSA & MultiSafepay - Innovative solutions in uncertain times

The Leeuwarden-based company MplusKASSA responded well to the new emerging trends with their contactless ordering app system. In May 2020, shortly before the horeca industry was allowed to open again (June 1), MplusKASSA started its journey as a MultiSafepay partner to navigate various possibilities that could aid their business goal. Developing together, we set-up their ordering app, enabling retail stores, restaurants, and bars operate under the safety and hygiene regulations imposed by the government. This article tells the success story of MplusKASSA and MultiSafepay ﹘ an example of how strong partnerships can facilitate innovative solutions to overcome barriers for commerce.

About MplusKassa

MplusKASSA (part of BV) was founded 40 years ago to develop software that could facilitate checkout systems. Since 2004, they've specialized in POS systems (point of sale) under MplusKASSA ﹘ which resulted in explosive growth. We spoke with Linda from the MplusKASSA Sales team to learn more about their business. “We build different POS systems for different clients in different industries that are completely adapted to their individual needs, such as a special system for retail stores, the catering industries, music venues, and many more,” Linda tells us. “We have a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from big arenas and soccer stadiums across the Netherlands to the baker around the corner. Our registration system can be used in any industry. Users can combine every branch in one single POS system. This flexibility and adaptability are what makes us unique in the market.” 

Innovative solutions in uncertain situations

2020 brought many changes that hardly anyone saw coming. However, the idea for their contactless ordering app was already in development at MplusKASSA before the pandemic hit the world ﹘ and specifically, the horeca industry: “We observed trend moving towards contactless payments and innovative ordering systems. This is why we started working on a dedicated ordering app”, Linda says. “When the pandemic forced doors to close, we put this development on the fast track.” 

“The challenge was to onboard all merchants ﹘ existing and new ones ﹘ on our new system by June 1 when the horeca industry was officially allowed to open. That was the time when we started working with MultiSafepay. Together, we managed to successfully onboard all merchants in time."

"It was a challenge, but having a partner with experience on our side really helped."

MplusKASSA & MultiSafepay - Enhancing POS systems together

Strong partnerships and collaborations are essential for growth and long-term success ﹘ and our partnership with MplusKASSA is an optimal example of that. Our shared goal was to facilitate new ways for payments in uncertain situations ﹘ to which we at MultiSafepay were able to contribute with our payment solutions.

According to recent research, the increased flexibility in the ordering process was a welcome change for many customers ﹘ and customers across all generations are likely to stick with this option beyond the pandemic. Consequently, MplusKASSA is exploring new possibilities for contactless ordering systems. As Linda says: “We are sure that the future trend is going towards customers operating more and more independently. So we have some new and exciting ideas and projects to enhance this experience even more, such as a dedicated ordering website and stationary services in restaurants. Despite all these developments, it is important for us to provide our current customer base with consistent, qualitative services, products, and support to keep them happy, safe, and satisfied.”

"MultiSafepay has been with us on this journey so far, and sharing the same philosophy regarding partnerships and high-quality services; we are sure that our partnership will help us also for our next steps on our journey."

The power of partnership

These days more than ever, we believe that working together can help us all to achieve even more. Over the past 20 years, we’ve been working closely with merchants and partners to develop innovative and smart ecommerce solutions. We are happy to work closely with partners such as MPlusKassa, who strive to achieve a common goal - innovative solutions for empowering our customers and removing barriers for commerce.

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