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About Amazing Oriental

Since the beginning, Amazing Oriental embraced a diverse product range with more than 10,000 authentic brands from Asia. At present, their stores across the Netherlands and their webshop are servicing many key markets in Europe. Just like many omni-channel retailers, Amazing Oriental has witnessed shifts in consumer buying behavior over the course of last year: "We noticed a major increase in online orders since the pandemic started." Beyond that, Wing-Yang observed an interesting trend since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic: "Now that it’s more difficult for people to go to restaurants, they’ve started cooking at home more. We noticed that many are trying to recreate dishes they always had at their favorite restaurants, such as homemade sushi. Also, ordering products online instead of going to a store adds extra convenience and safety."

Authenticity, a recipe for success

The secret behind their success? For Amazing Oriental, it is being as authentic as possible: "We want to differentiate ourselves from local supermarkets like Albert Heijn or Jumbo”, says Wing-Yang. "They also have growing sections of Asian food. Still, these products are, in most cases, based on the taste of Western people and aren’t necessarily the same as the original and authentic products." Her mission with Amazing Oriental is to keep the traditional oriental cuisine alive by sharing it with as many people in Europe as possible - all without losing the connection to their loyal Chinese customers. "Chinese people living in the Netherlands and in other European countries form a large and stable customer base for us. Besides authentic products, we also want to offer authentic shopping experiences - for our stores and webshop alike."

To achieve that, they partnered up with MultiSafepay, and we found an optimal payment method mix for them, including tailor-made methods that include the Chinese payment method Alipay. As Wing-Yang says: "In addition to a Mandarin-speaking customer service team at Amazing Oriental, offering Alipay as a payment method makes the best experience for our Chinese customers in Europe."

About Alipay

Alipay is the most common payment method in China and the most popular digital wallet service in Asia. It has over 1 billion active users and handles more than 100 million daily transactions. Customers can use Alipay for all different kinds of transactions, from paying in-store and online to receiving international money transfers. Alipay works via an app that customers link with a Chinese bank account. From there, customers can make transactions directly via one-click options and contact-free via QR-code or scanning.

Use Alipay with Multisafepay

Why MultiSafepay?

For Amazing Oriental, the checkout experience was of significant importance to establish their webshop: "In the beginning, we didn't even have a payment service provider, we were just a company with a small online shop. We have grown a lot since we work with MultiSafepay and could offer different payment methods - like Alipay for our Chinese customers local and European ones such as iDEAL, or credit cards. We already have a large customer base in the Netherlands. Our goal is to explore more countries in Europe, starting with the expansion to Germany, Belgium in the coming years. Offering local payment methods is an important step to reach new customers and gain their trust. MultiSafepay offers many different European payment methods, which will help us to settle into new markets. We will also change our webshop platform from Magento 1 to Magento 2 within the next month - so 2021 will be a big year for us. Knowing we have a partner by our side helping us with all these steps makes things easier."

The power of partnership

Payment methods vary between countries, products, and consumers. Offering the right payment method to the right audience is essential for a successful business - online and offline alike. Here at MultiSafepay, we have an extensive mix of over30 national and international payment methods for you. With a whole range of flexible payment tools and solutions and over 20 years of experience in ecommerce, we make sure to always have the right solution for your business and help you to achieve your goals. 

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