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In 1852 Luigi Buffetti set up his first printing house in Rovigo. What started as a small business has soon established itself as Italy’s market leader for the wholesale distribution and manufacturing of stationery, office and school equipment, along with computer software. Today, they boast an empire of over 1000 physical stores across the whole country and a thriving online presence. And in their quest for the perfect customer experience, we’re proud to say Buffetti has chosen to partner with MultiSafepay as their payment supplier.

In this article, we’re speaking to one of the first affiliate stores to be onboarded and how our partnership can drive a great customer experience.

The journey as a Buffetti affiliate 

“In 1961, my father decided to become a part of the Buffetti group and laid the foundations for our store today”, store manager Riccardo Sgrosso tells us. “In 2001, I opened our current store as the first establishment of the Buffetti franchise. Today, we handle thousands of different items for offices, schools, and home office set-ups. Especially over the last few years, our management software and services like digital signatures have also gained popularity. Buffetti is establishing itself as the largest specialized provider for these kinds of services in Italy. Our customer spectrum is broad, ranging from individual customers to medium-to-large companies, as well as from professionals to students. Of course, working from home is becoming the new normal, and our business is thriving. Chairs, desks, and office accessories have entered our homes in new shapes and sizes that are more suited to a domestic environment; Students have learned to appreciate the ergonomic design of our chairs, compared to the dining chairs they were using before.”

Why MultiSafepay?

As Riccardo tells us, a seamless and quick checkout experience should be at the top of every webshops priority list, especially in the current ecommerce landscape: “Surviving in the business world in uncertain times depends on a multitude of factors. Therefore, the support we can provide to each other and the whole Buffetti-Group as affiliates is essential. With the increased demand for home office supplies since the beginning of the pandemic, a trustworthy partner that is helping us to process and handle online payments with new and innovative features and solutions became indispensable. What took several days before can now be done in no time. Multisafepay was recommended to us by a trusted partner who invited us to test the service through the B2B portal. We also tested the service with credit card purchases, and it was both incredibly fast and efficient. The MultiSafepay portal is easy to manage and understand; we knew straight away that we also want to use the service for our website as well as online and social media stores.”

Thinking ahead & solving problems

At MultiSafepay, working together and building partnerships are essential elements that lead to a business outcome that eventually benefits everyone: the business, their employees, and their customers. Our shared goal with Buffetti is optimizing the checkout process and experience for their consumers and themselves as a business alike: “Our philosophy is always to offer our customers the best service possible, also in difficult times,” says Riccardo. “This, however, is only possible with the right business partners on our side.”

“In a short time of working together, we have seen that MultiSafepay is a company that - just like us - always thinks ahead. This allows us to work together in harmony and focus on solving all upcoming problems effectively.”

Over the past 20 years, we’ve been working closely with merchants and partners to develop innovative and smart ecommerce solutions; This approach benefits our merchants and us as a company simultaneously. As Riccardo puts it: “We are in touch with the daily reality, and we always have our finger on the pulse when it comes to customer relationships. MultiSafepay’s approach to include us in the developing phase, designing and adjusting products to our needs instead of us adjusting to the products, allowed us to bring our webshop to the next level.” 

“Being able to offer customers a secure payment service through a trusted company is an important guarantee. We are looking forward to a great relationship with MultiSafepay and implementing more ad-hoc solutions for our network.”

The secret of a successful franchise

For Riccardo, the secret of a successful franchise lies in a strong network: “Especially in these uncertain yet intense times, the support we were able to provide to each other and thereby to the whole Buffetti-Group is essential. Only by working as a united front we can truly establish ourselves even further on the market. If we all get on board with our franchisor’s projects - especially now that the web has become indispensable - we will maintain market leadership.

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