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Payment environment with your own look & feel
MultiSafepay Connect is the most flexible online payment solution available, providing you with full control over the checkout process, and enabling you to customise your payment environment to the look and feel of your own website. This allows your customers to checkout in a familiar payment environment which they trust completely.

  • accepts all payment methods
  • payment environment with customised look & feel
  • daily payments
  • extensive back office
  • add more websites for free

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How does a Connect payment work on your site?


MultiSafepay Connect enables payment processing on your website. After selecting a payment method customers will be forwarded to the payment environment, which will be in keeping with design of your own website. After completion of the payment, customers automatically return to your website. 

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Ready-made shop plug-ins make implementation easy

Our ready-made shop plug-ins for popular shopping carts, make the implementation of all payment methods into your website, straight forward. We also have programming solutions available in popular programming languages such as PHP, ASP, ASP.NET (VB), ASP.NET (C#) and ColdFusion. Our API manual provides you with clear information about how the API should be implemented. Has your supplier already installed the MultiSafepay payment system? Then you simply have to follow the steps provided by your supplier. MultiSafepay works closely with a number of business partners. Check our list of affiliated business partners to find out if your supplier is listed.

A selection of the available shop plug-ins:
(Click here for all available shop plug-ins)


Prices Connect



MultiSafepay Connect
Registration fee (one-off)
€ 74,95
Monthly rate (incl. 300 transactions)
€ 45,00
Price per transaction > 300
€ 0,15
Payment per batch
€ 0,50
€ 0,19

If your monthly forecast exceeds 500 transactions, we can offer you a customised pricing proposal. Contact our sales team on +31 (0)20 8500 500 for further information.
Bank costs
€ 0,49
Visa & MasterCard
Dependent on acquiring bank
2,45 % 
Min. fee € 0,60
Bank transfer
€ 0,39
Mister Cash
€ 0,25 + 2,0 %
€ 0,25 + 2,0 %
€ 0,15 + 1,0 %
Direct debit
€ 0,20

Increase sales using our extra features

MultiSafepay offers you a number of marketing tools that could increase your sales significantly.  

Second Chance - If your customer doesn’t finish the payment process, MultiSafepay will automatically send an email with a payment link. This provides the customer with another opportunity to finish the transaction later on.
Sales Portal - All webshops that support MultiSafepay are conveniently arranged in one portal and accessible for all MultiSafepay account holders.
Pay by Mail - Pay by mail allows you to simply create a payment link and send it to your customer by email. Pay by mail is the perfect solution for digital invoices. 


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MultiSafepay is different to other payment services because of the exceptional benefits it offers. MultiSafepay Connect is:

  • Transparent: customers pay using a payment environment in a look and feel of your choice.
  • Flexible: customise your needs.

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Switching to MultiSafepay is straight forward

Would you like to switch from your payment processor? MultiSafepay makes it easy. Contact our sales team via the 'Call me back' button for more information and to find out about our special offer.

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Create a test account directly, and in a protected environment, practice the set up and control of connect, risk free.

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