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Refine your payment collection

Create a sophisticated payment collection flow in no time with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Invoicing can be complicated and confusing, so most people would rather not spend much time on it. That doesn't make it any less important, but we have a solution for you. 

During the development of E-invoicing, we’ve taken that to heart and focused on the user experience, simplifying the entire process for our users.
We’ve considered all kinds of collection flows and created the right scenarios for all of them. Using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily set up your invoicing procedure for different flows. Watch your invoices get paid faster without user errors. If you’re not too keen on coding yourself - no worries, use our pre-built templates or set up your flow through our drag-and-drop interface.

Maximize your payment conversion through the latest innovative solutions such as virtual IBAN and quickly build up multiple, corresponding collection flows with our Graph models.

Endless possibilities

Leverage the power of graph models to allow for maximum flexibility and scalability, guiding your user through various flows.

Beyond ‘if-then’

A condition-based approach that handles multiple intricate flows and scenarios.

Adapt on the fly

Our system uses active listeners to adapt.
Email failed to deliver? No problem! Automatic switch to SMS.

Take control of your invoicing

Control customer communications, invoice your payments, and always stay on top of your transactions.

Get paid faster

Simplify the payment process for your customers. Offer them various digital payment methods to satisfy their bill whenever they please - all determined by you. Always ensure they pay the right amount, as the payments automatically apply rebates, discounts, refunds, cancellations, or late fees.

Eliminate manual errors

Minimize manual errors and keep your accounting scalable and reliable. As your business grows, your accounting becomes more complicated to keep up-to-date - especially if this is a manual procedure. E-invoicing directly integrates with your accounting and data systems, eliminating the potential for human error and automatically updating your reporting system.

Be consistent with your brand messaging

Customize text, images, and style to your heart’s desire, aligning your brand identity with all your automated communications. Use our intuitive tool to send different communications to your customers, such as email, SMS, or printed letters.

Refine your invoicing

The flow is simple when a customer pays their invoice instantly. However, things can get complicated when the payment is held off or (partially) refunded. Use our intuitive user interface to create various dunning flows (collection flows) that take different situations into account.


Your customer places an order with four items but chooses to send back two of those. You must then adapt the collection flow for the remaining items. Our E-invoicing takes that into account and helps you establish reliable procedures.

An integration type for every business

API Integration

End-to-end management, fully available within one API.


Automatically create and sync daily transaction reports over our, or your, sFTP environment.

Debt collection

Leverage our network of debt collectors to automate the cases.

Notification framework

Real-time push notifications on all meaningful changes are sent directly to your infrastructure.


Daily reconciliation files supporting all major formats like CODA, MT940, or even custom reports to allow for transaction level reconciliation of all your money flows.

Billing, but your way

Your customers’ needs are ever-changing, and the same goes for your payment options. Not staying up-to-date on the latest trends and options can be costly for your business. We’ve accounted for different payment methods and flows, ensuring that each relevant billing model is present within our payment solution.


Divide the order into three or four payments, with the initial payment due directly.


Subscriptions and recurring transactions.


Split your order into different shipments and charge one account.

Discount flows

Early payment flows to improve cash flow.


Start the payment plan off with a partial payment off the bat.

Partial shipment

Charge only for delivered goods.

Gebufa produces car mats in various shapes and sizes, from budget to high-end qualities. Servicing customers ranging from car companies, to construction markets and textile chains throughout Europe.


Manually tracking invoices was a very time intensive process for Gebufa. This process was managed by an accountant, who needed to keep track of all invoices and follow up with all the customers, and check the bank account for paid invoices. 
The manual management of the invoices also led to missing orders due to human error from all the different parties involved.



Through E-invoicing, MultiSafepay enables the accountant to create invoices that are tied to unique payment flows. Payment links are added into the system from Gebufa’s administration, and reminders are automatically sent when invoices are left unpaid. The integration into the financial systems create a simple and always up-to-date overview of the current payment status.

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