Meet the team - Sharon Jill Nanhekhan

"Before I came to MultiSafepay, I worked for a big acquirer agency. After three years of working there, I started missing the personal contact and advantages of a smaller company. I didn't want to feel like a replaceable part of a huge system anymore. Therefore, I started looking for new opportunities at a company that suited me and my needs. I had many interviews with recruiters at different companies, but only MultiSafepay ticked all the boxes - I had the feeling that we will be a good match straight away. I consciously choose MultiSafepay as a company and not just the job."

"One of the things I like about working at MultiSafepay is the flat hierarchy which allows you to be heard and share your ideas and thoughts. Unlike my previous job, I am in contact with other teams and departments daily. I love being part of creative and productive workflows and seeing that my work has an impact. I think people that have made experiences with working in other places know that this cannot be taken for granted."

The power of partnership

As already mentioned, Sharon initially started at MultiSafepay in business development. Because she enjoyed the personal relationship and communications with our merchants so much, she grew into the role of an account manager once the opportunity opened up. Her daily job includes close collaboration and dialogues with our merchants, making sure to find the right solution for every merchant in every situation. We asked her what she is most proud of in her time at MultiSafepay: "That I got the chance to be an active part in building up the account management team the way we know it today," she says without thinking. "To me, the secret behind the success of our account management strategy is complete dedication and a personal approach. It's not only about selling our products and adding as many merchants as possible - it's about building emotional connections. In many companies, business development and account management are combined into one department. At MultiSafepay, we follow a different strategy. We have two dedicated teams; This approach allows us as account managers to entirely focus on our existing merchants and the partnerships we built with them. Our clients seem to be very happy with us - and I think that is also one reason we've been named the top payment service provider in the Emerce 100

"The company culture at MultiSafepay is one of the best ones I ever experienced."

The only negative aspect? A global pandemic that keeps us from being in the office together these days. "I cannot wait to be back at the office with my colleagues," Sharon says. "Of course, having free lunches, massages, and Friday drinks together before Corona was great. But what is even better to me is that we have so much fun while working. I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true! The company culture at MultiSafepay is one of the best ones I ever experienced; We have the perfect balance of having fun and getting our work done."

"Beyond that, what amazes me about working at MultiSafepay is the inclusivity and diversity we have at our company. It's not a secret that the payment industry is predominantly ruled by men. Here at MultiSafepay, there are people of many different cultures and many women in our team. I am aware this is a sensitive topic - but being a woman of color myself, it's important for me to mention this topic. I had my experiences in this context, and I can say with certainty that at MultiSafepay, it doesn't matter where you're from, who you are and how you look like as long as you're doing your job right - and that makes it for me a great company to work at."

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