Meet the Team - Nine van Troostwijk

"My daily work includes a variety of tasks; I introduce potential customers to everything MultiSafepay offers, advise them, support them during the onboarding and make sure they can start with processing payments straight away without any complications. I like to think about my position as 'the spider in the web', meaning I am the connecting factor between potential customers and various internal departments. This way, I manage to unburden the customer to focus entirely on what's most important for them - reaching their goals and growing their business. However, what I like most about my role here are the nice contacts, fun and inspirational chats I have on a daily basis, as well as reaching results by building up good relationships."

"MultiSafepay made ME grow in several ways - as a person, my knowledge, my skills"

Part of our philosophy here at MultiSafepay is to really listen to what the customer wants and needs instead of simply selling for its sake. That's why smooth internal collaboration between departments and teams is key for us. Nine tells us that this was something that stuck out to her from the beginning on: "How can you create good and sustainable relationships with your customers if you don't have the same within your company? That's why I like MultiSafepay's focus on teamwork and short communication lines. Even though we work in different departments, we all together form a large team. I also really like the fact that it is very international - I do have colleagues from all over the world. And in the end, MultiSafepay really made ME grow in several ways - as a person, my knowledge, my skills. It also changed the way I shop online. Unlike before, I now recognize unreliable webshops, the platform a webshop is built on, and always analyze the checkout while placing an order to see if there is anything where MultiSafepay can make the difference and how we can improve our services and processes even more."

"Being a woman in fintech rocks"

As we're growing as a company, we're always looking for new colleagues to join us on our journey. Therefore, we always like to tell people - especially women - that fintech is more diverse and multifaceted than they might think. As Nine tells us:

"Being completely honest, starting at a fintech company without any experience in ecommerce and online payments was a little intimidating at the beginning - but the more I am intrigued by how much I could learn and am still learning. MultiSafepay taught me everything from zero to a hundred percent. One of the seniors took me under his wings from the very first moment and trained me to be a true payment expert - And this is a good representation of the team spirit within MultiSafepay. I might be one of the only women in the sales team, but that doesn't make me feel like I'm different - It makes me feel like I can make the difference and that being a woman in fintech rocks."

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