Meet the team - Robin Overweel

"After finishing my bachelor's in Human Resource Management, I worked for different recruitment agencies. Before I joined MultiSafepay in October 2020, I worked as a freelance recruiter. During this time, I specialized in IT and worked on a couple of great projects for several banks, tech companies, and consultancies. Eventually, I joined a HR consultancy as a co-owner where I was working for three years before I decided to focus more on a hobby of mine: (business-related) drawing - such as drawings and diagrams of vacancies and business processes. I planned to fully focus on that for one year and combine it with a new job in recruitment after that. And right on time, I came across MultiSafepay's job opening for a recruiter position on LinkedIn. It covered all aspects of the job I was looking for. It's a scale-up, it's international, and it offers the great challenge of setting up the recruitment department and building a team. Based on all of that, I said: “yes” to MultiSafepay."

Flat hierarchy and diversity

Different people have different ideas, values, and expectations when it comes to their job. We asked Robin what values are essential for him in the workplace:

"For me, it is a combination of freedom in how I can do my work and the fact that I feel trusted in what I do and how I do it," he says. "I experience both at MultiSafepay. The company is growing at an impressive rate but we're keeping a flat hierarchy so everyone is reachable. That allows everyone to be involved in more than what is written in their job description. Together with my recruitment colleague: Victoria, we're working closely with other departments and stakeholders, such as hiring managers, HR, marketing, and external parties, to get each other's input and inspiration. I like the diversity in my job - meeting so many people with different personalities and from different backgrounds. Hearing their stories while trying to find the perfect candidate for MultiSafepay is really exciting for me and means that no day is the same."

People come first

Talking about finding the perfect candidate - What is Robin looking for in a new hire?

"There are quite a few things. Of course, a certain level of knowledge is important - especially for technical roles. But what is most important for all the roles is to find out if the candidate understands what it's like working at a scale-up company like MultiSafepay. Can you cope with the growth, the changes, and the fact that not everything is in place yet? But also: What is the candidate looking for, and can we make that happen? What are the expectations, and are we, as a company, able to make that happen? It has to go both ways. Our people are the foundations we build our entire company philosophy on. Happy employees are at the core and heart of the company - there's no growth without our people."

Talent discovery

With mandatory working from home and remote onboarding, the COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges for the labor market. Talking to somebody actively engaged in recruiting and onboarding new talent, we were curious to hear about remote onboarding from a different perspective. What was the impact on the labor market - are there any new trends, challenges, or opportunities in this new environment?

"The trend today is that the labor market is over-stressed and stretched. While it was relatively quiet during the first months of the pandemic, it's now exploding. A positive side effect of this whole situation is that it gave us a much wider region to find the right candidates and the opportunity to engage with a much bigger pool of people with different backgrounds and experience levels. With video interviews, people are much more flexible. We have all adapted to remote working, so as long as you can cope with different time zones our new colleagues don't have to live just around the corner anymore. With different backgrounds and levels of experience, we can add diversity to the team and learn from each other."

Changes, challenges and opportunities

Working in such a fast-paced environment and industry brings a certain kind of energy with it. As Robin says:

"Everything's constantly changing but in a good way. The whole world is becoming more digital. There are more online payments, and the whole fintech industry is growing, including MultiSafepay. The payment industry is extremely multifaceted and interesting to me but also quite complex. The technical side is hard to understand for a non-techy like myself. I still have a lot to learn and I'm looking forward to that. I feel like we are actively building something great. There is a lot to come and I am excited about being part of this growth."

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