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Meet the Team - Andres Barreto

06/29/2021 Plugin updates Industry news

Meet Andres, Partner Manager at our international MultiSafepay office in Malaga, Spain. Having joined us in May 2021, he is one of the most recent additions to our team. In this Meet the Team-article, Andres shares his journey with us and talks about what it's like coming on board during a pandemic, and what he thinks about his first months at MultiSafepay.

Joining MultiSafepay

Andres' responsibility as Partner Manager is to help and support our partners in the Spanish market the best way possible. And with ten years of experience working in the digital industry, we believe he is the best person for the role. Let's take a look at his journey - how has his career evolved so far, and why did he decide to join MultiSafepay?

In his own words: "In the last seven years, I worked in marketing and project management roles in national distribution companies and mostly focused on B2B and B2C commerce. Besides that, my wife and I lead a small family ecommerce business called, an online jewelry and accessories store. Thanks to all this experience, I already have certain knowledge regarding tools, issues, and ecommerce solutions. Still, I also know about the problems that online stores in Spain have regarding payments. Therefore, when I heard about MultiSafepay through Manuel Mesa, one of the Business Development Managers at MultiSafepay, I was intrigued by the idea of translating all my knowledge and experience into the right solutions. And that's what I was looking forward to: To fully dive into this business aspect at Multisafepay."

"Having worked for local companies, I envisioned to grow personally and experience working in an international company. Therefore, the position Multisafepay already has on the European market, and the growth plan for the Spanish market was another factor that motivated me to apply. It is a solid company with values that I identify with, such as a passion for high-quality products and solutions, ambition, and a focus on teamwork and partnerships. And after my first months here, I am sure that I made the right decision."

The remote onboarding process

With the rising demand for smart ecommerce solutions, Multisafepay is growing as a company and more and more merchants, partners, and team members are joining us. However, due to the COVID-19-pandemic, working from home had to become the new normal. Therefore, for us, the challenge was to onboard new team members so that they get the whole experience despite not being in the office physically. So we were curious - how Andres experienced the onboarding at MultiSafepay? 

"Of course, starting a new job these days adds an extra challenge, and I didn't really know what to expect," he says. "However, I was positively surprised by the onboarding process at MultiSafepay, especially by how welcoming the whole team was and how much of the company culture I could experience even though most people are working remotely. The initial two-week training period with specialized training plans helped me to get in-depth knowledge about the industry, to develop my work, and to get to know my colleagues - which was very important to me. So all in all, the onboarding process at MultiSafepay was one of the best ones I ever experienced - and one that I think is ideal for anyone starting a new job."

"I am motivated by the good vibes and the colleagues who accompany me in this adventure."

Having accomplished the onboarding, we were curious how it's been. We wondered, how is he liking the switch to FinTech? "I am really happy here", Andres says. "What I enjoy most is the 'technological excellence mentality' - to always strive for excellence in every product before putting it in the customer's hands, which I have noticed from day one. For me, it is crucial to believe deeply in the quality of our products because that allows me to speak about them without any doubts or hesitation."

"Beyond that, I really appreciate getting the opportunity to share my ideas and input with the company and other departments to achieve the common objectives - you don't get the chance to experience that at every company, and it's great to get the feeling that you can actually have an impact. And last but not least, what really motivates me so far are the good vibes and the colleagues who accompany me in this adventure."

“I am excited for what’s yet to come”

 "Even though I am new to the whole fintech industry, I am already convinced that I want to grow professionally in ecommerce - And I think working at a payment service provider that constantly strives to add value to merchants and partners is the right place to do so. Based on MultiSafepay's approach to working as closely with our merchants and partners as possible, I can help them improve their business optimally. To me, it's quite special that back in the days, these kinds of high-quality products and solutions used to be only affordable to large and established companies. In contrast, we help companies regardless of their size, which is great, isn't it? So all I can say after my first months at MultiSafepay is that I am excited for what's yet to come - to help Spanish merchants grow locally and internationally and to contribute to making MultiSafepay the leading payment service provider in Spain."

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