Emerce100: "MultiSafepay innovates online payments"

Ever since the rise of ecommerce within the Netherlands, MultiSafepay has been taking care of companies online payment needs. The next step for the company: offering a full omnichannel solution; fully integrating all payment channels for its merchants. 

Innovation is completely ingrained into the DNA of Payment Service Provider (PSP) MultiSafepay. Founder and CEO, Olaf Geurs: “We’re constantly looking to translate the trends and developments we see in the market to innovative, trustworthy products. Always looking to the future, even thinking all the way back to the start of the company. Sometimes this means, you’re a bit ahead of the market, meaning you’ll have to wait a bit for everyone to catch up.” Geurs says with a smile on his face. 


Geurs has always been a pioneer. “At the end of the nineties, we started using prepaid calling cards for payments. My vision was that these cards would become a tool to pay for products through the internet.” A connection was made with online stores, allowing people to use those prepaid cards to pay for online services. “Back then, you didn’t have iDEAL, and you could only transfer money using your creditcard. This process was quite cumbersome. The lack of interfaces for online payments really meant we had to pioneer our way through.”

Buy now, pay later

Driving conversion - and revenue - for its merchants is a constant focus for MultiSafepay. This focus drives a consistent development of new features and products. “We were the originators of the so-called ‘second chance-mails’, which reminded consumers who dropped out of the purchase process prematurely.” Geurs explains. “These days, everyone has become accustomed to receiving an email prompting you to finish your purchase after leaving a product in your online shopping cart for a while. Another interesting development on MultiSafepays’ end is their completely, in-house developed Buy Now Pay Later solution, along with E-Invoicing, for which the PSP gives their clients the tools to completely arrange their invoicing procedures.


Simplicity, transparency and service, are core values upon which MultiSafepay has been built. Technological innovations and payment solutions, allow the company to bring smart payment services to all of the ecommerce sector. “Our merchants are our primary focus within our company. Both new and established companies within Europe put their trust in us and our technology, which leads to many start-ups flourishing into successful online enterprises.” Geurs says.

“We truly believe in a strong partnership, and we dedicate a great deal of time to the relationship we have with our partners and merchants so we can take care of everything concerning their payment needs.”

Olaf gives an example for Belgium, where the standard payment method for package delivery has long been cash payments. “Through a European tender, we managed to obtain this project and as a partner for Bancontact, the solution was right in our wheelhouse. We created a digital payment solution tailored specifically towards the situation in Belgium.” Through the mailmans terminal, a Bancontact QR-code is generated, which will redirect the consumer towards his or her banking environment. All reconciliation and reporting is integrated in this solution, and carried out in the most efficient way - automatically. “This case really shows our innovative, pioneering side.”

Integration Team

MultiSafepay is a completely independant PSP, who’ve integrated and owned the end-to-end payment flow completely. “We don’t use any third parties to connect to iDEAL, Visa, Mastercard or Bancontact. This gives us a high availability, and our ability to adapt our features is extremely versatile.” By having an in-house integration team and creating their own plugins for ecommerce platforms, the company is extremely flexible. “When a new payment method is introduced to the market, we don’t have to wait for anyone else to integrate it, which gives us complete control. This also helps us in our customer support, due to us owning the complete end-to-end flow from merchant to payment method. Due to this, we’re able to deliver a very reliable service to our consumers.”


At its core, MultiSafepay works hard every day to deliver more and more innovative products and solutions to its consumers; by being passionate and involved with the industry, combined with the in-house expertise, ambition and dedicated people. “Customers choosing for us, stems from our continued dedication to delivering our partners and merchants an excellent solution and service”, Geurs says.

“We’re not a one-time thing or a trend, we’re a stable, trustworthy payment provider, who’ve grown sustainably over the years. This separates us from our competitors and has made many clients choose MultiSafepay."

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