The Little Green Bag uses MultiSafepay to optimize the customer experience and reduce customer queries to zero

The Little Green Bag is a textbook definition of “from small beginnings, come great things.” Initially operating out of an attic in the Dutch town of Vlaardingen, the brand is an international success, servicing customers across various European countries.

The Little Green Bag started its journey selling a variety of bags. Over the years, the product range has expanded to different products such as jewelry, sunglasses, and shoes - for both men and women. When one of the brands that The Little Green Bag sells, Cowboysbag, was on the verge of going bankrupt, The Little Green Bag acquired the brand to save it, showing their commitment to the industry. 

Shifting priorities

The Little Green Bag’s most recent success story is the result of a new strategy it adopted during the pandemic. The combination of mostly physical stores and a relatively inactive online store wasn’t right to succeed in the COVID landscape. Therefore, action was needed. The result? After closing and repurposing several physical stores and dedicating more time and effort to the online proposition, The Little Green Bag was named one of the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands in 2020. 

A streamlined shopping experience

As a successful online business, The Little Green Bag knew that online success meant creating an experience for the customer that simplifies the shopping process and is transparent. MultiSafepay helped by implementing various features, such as Second Chance emails that redirect shoppers back to their cart upon leaving the website and displaying the mix of available payment methods in the footer.

As the company has continued to expand its online presence, new challenges had to be overcome. One of these challenges was the increased pressure on the support department in the form of customer queries. The main reason for these queries was customers losing track of their refunded orders and payments in their banking environment. Refunds are not always displayed with the name that’s familiar to the consumer. This leads to customers searching for the wrong terms in their banking environment, which in turn leads to unnecessary questions and pressure on the customer service department. 

Introducing virtual IBAN

Luckily, MultiSafepay had just the right solution for this problem. For retailers especially, handling a high amount of refunds is a normal part of operating online. After all, 2021 saw consumers return almost 60 million packages

By creating a virtual IBAN for The Little Green Bag, customers can easily search for The Little Green Bag in their banking environment and find the right transaction. The bank statements now show “The Little Green Bag - by MultiSafepay”, ensuring that all confusion is taken out of the equation. 


“After implementing virtual IBAN, The Little Green Bag noticed their related customer queries drop from about 60 a month to 0”


Charissa Jokhoe, Customer Operations Manager at The Little Green Bag added: “MultiSafepay helped us save valuable time by proactively thinking with us and offering this solution. During implementation, they always reached out to ensure everything was going according to plan and everything was clear on our side.” 

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