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About WoodWatch

Back in 2013, Daniël, Jeroen, and Kevin had this idea to start a new watch company focused on craftsmanship and sustainability. Having been friends for most of their lives, they knew they shared the same views when it came to sustainability and protecting our planet: "We believed that products - such as watches - can be made from unique, natural and sustainable materials such as wood" Daniël says. "Therefore, we wanted to be an inspiration and example of how companies can contribute to a better future for the planet and its people." 

After a couple of months full of brainstorming and sketching, the first prototypes became a reality - and a success: "Today we work with an international team of over 70 team members of 15 nationalities, which is why we work primarily remotely. We have two offices, one in Groningen, where we focus on fulfillment and customer support, and one in Rotterdam, where most of our online operations take place. What our whole team shares is a results-driven mindset, and a passion for sustainability - we all wake up and go to bed with WoodWatch in our minds."

Planting trees with Trees for All

Besides sustainable production and educating visitors about climate change on their website, WoodWatch is even going one step further: "We donate three trees for every sold product via the so-called Forest Garden Program. With Trees for All we can make our parcel deliveries CO2 neutral, and with Trees for the Future we plant three trees for every sold item. By systematically planting specific types of trees over four years, we can revitalize and improve soil quality. This way, we can compensate for our wood usage and carbon footprint and support local communities in Africa. All in all, we even have a net positive impact, and we're not only incredibly proud of that but also of being able to inspire people to make eco-conscious decisions." 

"In addition to our watches, we could add over 150 other products to our assortment that are in line with the brand pillars craftsmanship and sustainability, e.g., glasses, sunglasses, and bracelets - and much more is yet to come. We think it's special that we can identify with our customers and vice versa. Just like us, our customers are eco-conscious humans that are looking for unique and hand-crafted accessories all while making sustainable decisions and contributing to a good cause."

Working with MultiSafepay

WoodWatch had an online and digital focus since the very beginning, which undoubtedly contributed to the company's international reach and success. Therefore, they were looking for a payment partner that could support them with their expansion and chose MultiSafepay. In their words:

"We decided to start working with MultiSafepay from the moment we launched our shop; and from the first day on, they have been able to support us in our international growth. By now, 80% of our revenue comes from outside the Netherlands. Hence, a multi-currency settlement and offering multiple payment methods were something which we started using early on and benefited from massively. The integration of the MultiSafepay platform in Lightspeed was not only extremely simple but it also allowed us to show payment methods depending on the billing country." 

"Besides the possibility to offer multiple national and international payment methods, we decided to stay with MultiSafepay because of the good support we receive from our account managers", Daniël tells us. "They help us to solve all upcoming problems in no time and through the clear and intuitive platform we can make payments as convenient as possible for our customers - which means higher conversion flows for us. Long story short - we're extremely happy that we decided on Multisafepay right in the beginning and don't see a reason to change anything about our partnership."

The power of partnership

At Multisafepay, we believe that strong partnerships and close collaborations with our merchants and partners are the essences for growth for all parties. Our shared goal with WoodWatch was to facilitate payments for a multifaceted and international audience to support a company that strives to make this world a better place. Therefore we were happy to help WoodWatch find the right tools and solutions to make their idea become a reality and WoodWatch the thriving company it is today - and we're excited for what's yet to come.

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