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Pilot client

LeyLines operates various webshops, all by itself on different webshop platforms, such as Magento and WooCommerce. Everyone who owns a webshop knows that the checkout is an essential part of your business. Getting your checkout configured and tuned to your consumers is a process that takes time and knowledge. To make this process as smooth as possible, Leylines has been using the direct debit module by MultiSafepay for years now. We recently rolled out the Reconciliation Module 2.0 by MultiSafepay, and Leylines wanted to be a pilot customer in this. Learn all about their experience with the brand Reconciliation API.

Manual reconciliation

Joey van Wettum, CEO of Leylines states: "Back when we didn't have a reconciliation module yet, we had to make an export of each payment and match the payment manually, so we were pleased when we discovered the reconciliation module for MultiSafepay by dealer4dealer. With it, we saved a lot of time. When we were asked to be a pilot customer for the 2.0 Debit Module, we were very curious to see what benefits the 2.0 Module would bring us."

Flawless pilot phase

The pilot phase kicked off with the implementation of the Reconciliation Module 2.0 for MultiSafepay. "The implementation was carried out by Annette from dealer4dealer. It went flawlessly." With the old Reconciliation module, Leylines was signing off once a week, which now happens automatically every day.

"We had to get used to a daily write-off, but it ensures that our administration is better organised. We can now see at daily level whether orders have been paid, so we have a better overview of our administration."

The pilot phase lasted a total of six weeks, but in those six weeks Joey was enthused by this new version of the reconciliation module: “To be honest, we haven't had an extreme amount of contact with Annette about the Afletermodule 2.0. Everything is running smoothly, which led to me not having much feedback!"

Development of the webshops

The Leylines webshops are successful. The Watercooler Gigant webshop was recently sold, so now there is time to further expand and optimize the webshops for Strooizout Gigant and Openhaard Gigant. "We are particularly busy expanding the Openhaard Gigant website with garden products. We will soon be transferring this webshop to Magento 2 as well, so we expect to need a link between Magento 2 and Exact Online again. I must say that you guys are releasing cool tools. The Reconciliation module is really well suited to us. We also just acquired a WooCommerce shop and we are going to link that again with Exact Online. And through xCore we can do a fair amount of customization in the link."

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