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There is no better approach to problem solving and creating solutions for commerce than the famous saying “two heads are better than one”. By working in partnership, businesses can leverage each other's skills and competencies to drive growth and unlock potential which would otherwise not be possible. Rotterdam based digital commerce agency ISM eCompany has been a key partner for MultiSafepay - helping merchants, retailers and wholesalers realise their digital commerce goals together.

DeltaStar, a nutrient supplement trader, has been a great example of what results a partnership such as this one can yield. With ISM eCompany setting up their new webshop and MultiSafepay taking care of their payments, they quickly made the transition into a fully functional, multi store Shopware 6 webshop.

“Any partnership, big or small, works best when there is a shared goal. We share a goal with ISM eCompany: elevating businesses to reach their maximum potential”

ISM eCompany has been a steady force for almost 30 years, developing along with the dynamic digital market. Here at MultiSafepay, we can’t help but feel a kinship to ISM eCompany, as our founding years were not so far apart. Being part of the ecommerce revolution from the get-go has been a special experience, seeing and being involved in many changes and developments that have shaped the market.
Over the years, ISM eCompany has built up a solid customer base, with positive references all around. While ISM eCompany has been steadily expanding and evolving over the past years, their core values are still at the heart of their day-to-day operations, ensuring that all their clients enjoy the same high quality partnership. Their core values are the following:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Passionate
  • Open
  • Result oriented

Which here at MultiSafepay, we’ve been able to experience first hand over our partnership of many years.

From building custom Magento 2 webshops, to complete digital transformations - ISM eCompany offers a wide variety of options when it comes to digital commerce solutions. By staying true to their core values and always focusing on the satisfaction of their clients, ISM eCompany has been a real success story.

“MultiSafepay has been taking care of all our payment needs for years now, so the cooperation with MultiSafepay was an easy decision when setting up our new webshop.”

We’ve always been dedicated to the idea of longevity when it comes to our partnerships - embarking on a journey of growth together - as we feel this is often the best way to nurture a solid relationship. In the case of ISM eCompany, this has definitely been true. Over the years we’ve grown together, having developed a solid one-two punch when it comes to ecommerce success. ISM eCompany is the true definition of a digital commerce expert, building excellent webshops for a variety of clients. To which we follow up with our extensive payments plugin - ensuring the end result is a complete webshop from start to finish. Truly setting up merchants to realise their ecommerce goals.

“After carefully weighing our options for our new webshop, we chose to go for Shopware 6. We’re elated so far about the user friendliness and robustness of the platform. ISM eCompany has been the perfect partner for us in realizing our new multi store webshop. MultiSafepay has been taking care of all our payment needs for years now, so the cooperation with MultiSafepay was an easy decision when setting up our new webshop. Lastly, as the partnership between ISM eCompany and MultiSafepay was an already existing one, integrating the new Shopware 6 platform was a logical step, one we’re very happy about."

Big breakthroughs and progress can’t happen in isolation. By working collaboratively, we can make progress and fuel growth, innovation and creativity. By building up an extensive partner network, we believe that we can develop and grow together with our merchants and partners. Over the past 20 years, we’ve been happily providing our merchants with innovative payment methods and are elated to have a partner such as ISM eCompany, who are experts at providing their clients with a wide variety of ecommerce solutions.

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