WooCommerce & MultiSafepay: Ready for the future

As one of the most used open source solutions for WordPress websites, WooCommerce has become one of the major platforms of the current ecommerce landscape. In order to ensure our merchants could offer their consumers a payment experience that falls in line with our core values, we decided 2021 would be the year to rework and release an entirely new version of our WooCommerce payment plugin. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into our integration, giving you insight into some of our key features and benefits.

WooCommerce in brief

WooCommerce finds its origin in the WordPress community, where it originally started as WooThemes and later on it got revamped in order to dedicate itself exclusively to ecommerce: becoming WooCommerce. The platform focuses mainly on being extremely flexible and easy to use for companies big and small.


As one of the major payment trends of 2020, Tokenization is something we felt essential to our plugin. Being able to offer our merchants a way to facilitate the payment process for returning consumers, while ensuring their safety, is key to providing the best payment experience on the market. As such, we’re among the first Payment Service Providers to offer Tokenization in adherence to the WooCommerce standards. 

Enhanced payment filters

Elaborating on delivering the best payment experience possible, it’s not practical to offer your consumers all the payment methods in the world. Due to some payment methods being irrelevant to some countries or consumers with specific order amounts. 

When reworking our integration, we took this specific ‘issue’ to heart. Therefore, we’ve ensured our plugin not only houses extensive payment possibilities but it also minimizes that 'payment dilemma' by instead offering you the tools to customize your checkout; you’ll be able to filter out which payment methods you offer per country and add parameters to show payment methods at a certain minimum or maximum order amount. 

Adding to this, our plugin gives you access to the full MultiSafepay payment mix. Meaning you’ll be able to offer your consumers whichever payment method they prefer. You’ll find well known payment methods such as Apple Pay, Trustly, iDEAL (QR) and Klarna, but you’ll also be able to offer your consumers newer payment methods such as in3.

Refunding made easy

We want to make sure you’re spending time on what’s important to you. In order to achieve that, we’ve focused on simplifying the processes you don’t want to spend as much time on. We’ve added an easy way to refund orders directly from your backend. You’ll be able to:

  • Refund non-Billing Suite payment methods (full or partial)
  • Refund Billing Suite payment methods (full)

All managed and carried out through a few simple steps in your backend; giving you the time to focus on your key business processes. 

Custom payment links

From that same backend, you’ll be able to generate orders easily and ship out fully customized payment links to your consumers. Your backend will provide you with the options to automatically add a payment link to the confirmation email sent out to your customers, giving your consumers an easy way to pay post order. Or, you’ll be able to generate custom orders (and payment links) in your backend, which you’ll be able to ship through your communication method of choice.

Built on new foundations

In late 2020, our team of in-house developers worked hard to complete our new PHP-SDK- ensuring our future plugins run on a solid foundation and maintaining a steady level throughout our code. Our new WooCommerce plugin was built using this same PHP-SDK, you can expect the same quality standard as with our Magento 2 plugin; only the best.

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