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The Italian pharmaceutical industry has been on the rise in recent years, with many small businesses and startups attracting outside investment and growing exponentially. So much so, that Italy is now the largest pharmaceutical producer in the European Union, even surpassing the long standing number one producing country, Germany. Operating in the Pharma industry still has its challenges, with many rules and regulations affecting the way these businesses work.
One of our valued partners, Caygri, is a dynamic ecommerce agency, helping various pharma companies make the transition from brick and mortar to a digital company. As you’d expect, this process is not always without bumps in the road, but by being problem solvers and always thinking in solutions, we can drive growth and develop together.

About Caygri

As mentioned, Caygri is an ecommerce agency that focuses solely on the digitalisation of pharmacies. Caygri offers various services, providing companies with a collection of options to access the ecommerce market such as: apps, ecommerce solutions, CRM, websites and chatbots with AI, all supported by Caygris expertise. Caygri focuses on several pillars to ensure their products are always up to standard, these are:

  • Cyber Security - Security of patients data & online payments is Caygri’s mantra
  • Without Borders - Sell your products all across Italy
  • Specialized Assistance - Continuous technical and legislative updates
  • Customizations - A different product for every pharmacy

Better together

2020 was a year filled with twists and turns, with many difficulties that nobody saw coming. Along with the society wide problems, many different industries ran into smaller, unexpected issues - which required inventive solutions.

“By ourselves we can do so little, but together, we can do so much”

- Sara Nardi, MultiSafepay Account Manager

Caygri has had to deal with many different obstacles, due to the complicated pharma market and its regulations, but also due to the COVID pandemic. By working closely together, solutions could be created. We believe an account manager should really understand the market and the client. If that’s the case, a true partnership can be formed. In a partnership like that, it’s all about taking that next step and developing together - lifting that partnership to the next level.

Creative solutions for dynamic situations

MultiSafepay has several features which, turned out, were excellently suited for the complex challenges created by the COVID19 pandemic and the accompanying measures taken by the government. As MultiSafepay has dedicated payment links which can be sent to consumers directly, providing them with the option to pay for orders online - even if the order is placed by phone. In a situation where cash used to be the predominant payment method, being able to pay online has been quickly accepted and integrated in the Italian pharma industry - especially when delivering medicine to people who are in lockdown for example.

“MultiSafepays payment links were the ideal solution for the COVID pandemic. With many people locked in their homes, medicine still had to be delivered. When someone is quarantining, you don’t want to exchange cash with them. MultiSafepays links were a quick to implement and easy to use solution for this particular situation!

-  Caygri

Another MultiSafepay feature which has become quite popular among Caygri’s clients are the MultiSafepay Second Chance emails, which help combat shopping cart abandonment rates. When a consumer decides to abandon or leave the website when purchasing a product, a Second Chance email will be sent out, prompting the consumer to still finish their purchase. These emails can be completely styled in the webshops corporate identity, ensuring trustworthiness.

Caygri & MultiSafepay

Collaboration and strategic partnerships are fundamental to improving business outcomes. Ultimately, these partnerships benefit everyone involved: the businesses themselves, their employees and the end-users. Especially in today's dynamic ecommerce landscape, consumers are served best by merging expertise and delivering a service together.
Our shared goal with Caygri was to facilitate payments for a complex industry, which is subject to many legislations. We like to think along with our partners and create solutions that fit specific needs. Therefore we were happy to be able to supply them with tailored solutions such as the payment links, or our Second Chance emails, which have benefitted them greatly.

For a partnership to succeed, we believe that emphasizing clear communication is integral to that success. We’re happy to have an account manager such as Sara who is truly involved with Caygri, establishing a relationship that will remain strong for many years.

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