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Recent research shows that around the globe, $4.6 trillion is lost on a yearly basis due to abandoned online shopping carts. With the consistent growth of ecommerce, improving the customer shopping experience must remain a priority for businesses looking to grow and succeed.

Two of the main reasons for shopping cart abandonment? Checkout complexity and a lack of trust in the webshop. Luckily, there are several ways to improve on this. As a payment provider, we know that offering the right payment methods can simplify your checkout and garner the trust of your potential customers.

Visa and Mastercard’s latest payment innovation, Click to Pay, is an excellent solution to help you combat cart abandonment rate and boost your conversion.

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What is Click to Pay

Click to Pay is a digital wallet that simplifies and speeds up credit card payments. Supported by Visa and Mastercard, Click to Pay ensures one-click payments that do not require the user to enter any information. It does not safely store just the customer’s credit card details but also the preferred billing and shipping addresses. All to the benefit of speed and ease of use. 

Like the other digital wallets, Click to Pay allows customers to extend their shopping experience to all devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. Finally, customers can use Click to Pay for virtually any type of purchase, all that's needed is for the webshop to offer it.

How Click to Pay works

What's behind the scenes? Or instead, what is the technology that enables frictionless, fast, and, above all, secure payments like Click to Pay?

Digital wallets like Click to Pay are based on tokenization, i.e., the secure storage of sensitive credit card data. These are stored as a numeric code called a token and remain inaccessible in the event of fraud. In Click to Pay payments, the data is securely held by Mastercard and Visa Network Token.

In addition to the total security and protection of the information entered, tokenization makes payment smoother and faster: once the data has been filled in manually and stored as a token, the user will find it again on his next visit. When paying for purchases, the customer chooses Click to Pay and immediately initiates the transaction with just one click. 

Like the other digital wallets (Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, etc.), Click to Pay also benefits from the Express Checkout feature, which adds a dedicated payment button for Click to Pay to the product or checkout page, guiding users into an alternative payment flow that uses the data stored in their wallet.

A further confirmation that to enhance your checkout and shorten the purchasing process for your customers, you'd better offer them the countless advantages of digital wallets.

6 benefits of Click to Pay for your business

Let’s recap the main benefits that this new payment method brings to your business:

> Increase sales: Speed makes all the difference. A direct integration button that allows the customer to pay with a single click (while avoiding unnecessary external redirects or having to fill in any fields) will increase your conversions and sales. In addition, a simplified checkout encourages recurring purchases and, consequently, gives you excellent results.

> Improve customer experience: What could be better than a quick checkout to make the shopping experience smooth and pleasant for the consumer? With simplified payment, your customer will enjoy a customer experience that will undoubtedly entice them to return to your site. 

> Boost security: With a Network token, only the scheme itself (and not the acquirer or the shop) tokenizes the card. Benefiting the security of the purchase and the peace of mind of your customers. Besides, with scheme tokenization, you can rely on their security rather than needing to enforce your own on Cardholder data. This allows you to focus on your business. 

> Keep your tokens valid: Using the tokenization of Visa and Mastercard will ensure that your card details are always up to date. No more manual or batch processes to keep your tokens valid. Visa and Mastercard will provide you with the correct token for your customers. 

> Improve customer trust: Offering a payment method like Click to Pay, supported by highly popular and trusted brands like Visa and Mastercard, will also increase confidence in your site. Always bear in mind that Visa and Mastercard boast a user base of several million customers worldwide and that in some markets, such as Spain and Italy, credit cards are among the most widely used payment methods.  

> Reduce abandoned shopping carts: The result of a faster and more secure purchasing and payment process and a higher authorization rate help to significantly reduce abandoned shopping carts. And at this point, you will be free to spend less time devising 'catch-up' or Second Chance marketing strategies and campaigns and focus more on your results and the investments you can plan. 

A user-friendly activation for the consumer  

Among the various advantages for your customers, as we have said, there are the ease of use and the simple activation process of Click to Pay. Let us see what steps a user who wishes to activate Click to Pay must take: 

  1. The customer logs into their bank's website (or app) and adds their credit cards, where they'll find the Click to Pay option. Or, they can register their card and enter the relevant details directly on the site where they want to shop the first time they visit it. 
  2. They select Click to Pay at checkout.  
  3. They will immediately 'see' the credit card(s) they have previously entered.  
  4. Once they choose the card to use, they only have to confirm a few details (such as the shipping address), approve the payment, and that's it!  

From then on, for all future purchases on the same site, the customer will no longer have to enter any information as he will be 'recognized' at checkout and can initiate payment with just one click. 

Click to Pay thus enables a registration and activation process designed to be as user-friendly as possible. It only takes a single payment data entry for the wallet to store it securely. 

Want to increase your conversions and improve the customer experience? 

If your goal is to boost your checkout with payment methods that enable you to offer your customers optimal shopping experiences and reduce abandoned shopping carts, Click to Pay is a must! Contact us to learn more. We will be happy to give you all the information you need, show you the benefits of Click to Pay, and help you add it to your checkout. 

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