MultiSafepay releases true omnichannel offering through in-house developed point-of-sale product

MultiSafepay, a leading end-to-end processing and acquirer payment platform for European merchants, has just expanded its offering from online-only to the physical domain by adding support for point-of-sale, in-person payments.

The company's omnichannel suite allows merchants to bring their online and in-store channels together in a single dashboard, simplifying their entire business structure, from receiving payments to managing their customer profiles and transactions, and finally to reconciling their books – all in a unified interface.  

MultiSafepay point-of-sale and its capabilities

Driven by the blurring lines between the online and in-person shopping channels, the MultiSafepay platform enables merchants to take full advantage of this trend by improving the experience for both merchant and consumer by supporting seamless transitions between these channels. Additionally, merchants can reduce operational costs through a more efficient workflow from a single system, which is managed and maintained completely in-house by MultiSafepay.

Payment terminals

MultiSafepay hosts a wide range of point-of-sale options. Merchants in the Benelux can easily switch their existing C-TAP terminals (80%+ of all existing terminals) to MultiSafepay, or choose for to purchase new, feature rich SmartPOS devices by Sunmi – giving them two accessible ways of processing POS payments through the MultiSafepay network.

The SmartPOS, Sunmi device range provides business owners of all sizes with suitable payment options, such as in-app, magstripe, manual entry, or NFC. Payments can be initiated through standard POS, cloud or on-device third party applications. The compatibility with Android-based inventory or reservation apps and on-device controls enables merchants to refund orders directly on their payment terminal or use them to manage tables, process orders, and accept payments.

Furthermore, they allow for cutting-edge solutions that bring the richness of online alternative payment methods to in-store scenarios. Merchants can display QR codes to initialize Buy Now, Pay Later, installment-based, or native QR payment methods like WeChat Pay, Alipay, or Bancontact. And as the value-added services further develop, it will not stop here.

True omnichannel

Omnichannel is often confused with multi-channel, but they are not the same; the difference lies in the connectivity between channels. Multi-channel runs multiple channels side by side and does not bring them together in the same system. Omnichannel intertwines the various channels and connects them through a single system or dashboard. An omnichannel setup is the ultimate level of infrastructure and commerce. It links and enables the management of all channels, creating a seamless experience for shopping customers and merchants in managing their business. This infrastructure creates unrivaled advantages regarding customer profiling, data insights, and payment reconciliation.


In today's market, merchants and consumers are looking for a holistic approach to interactions with businesses, regardless of their contact channel. MultiSafepay's end-to-end suite of payment solutions continues to refine and simplify the experience for the merchant and create excellent payment experiences for the consumer, both online and in-person. The platform provides merchants with a forward-compatible payment solution, ensuring they're always ready to incorporate and use the latest payment innovations.

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