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With health and fitness becoming more and more present topics in our society over the last years, several sports brands and nutrition products have emerged in the market. While the challenge for consumers mainly lies in figuring out which products and suppliers are best to help achieve their fitness goals, the challenge for brands heavily lies in building relationships with their customer base. 

Since 1986, House of Nutrition has continuously been one of the biggest suppliers for sports nutrition, supplements, and accessories on the Dutch market - with a growing product range and international audience. Therefore we were curious to speak with Marco and Remco from House of Nutrition about their business, the secret behind their success and their partnership with MultiSafepay.

About House of Nutrition

"The vision behind House of Nutrition is to make high-quality supplements accessible for everyone," says Marco Verhoek. He set the foundation stone for House of Nutrition with his first sports nutrition Brand M Double You. "Back then, sports supplements were by far not as commonly used and established in our society as they are today. Most products came from America - and most of them contained excessive amounts of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Importing ingredients for healthier products to Europe was another challenge based on different market regulations. Therefore, I decided to create my own sport nutrition lines and shape the products to the local market and my idea of health and quality. Building up our own local factory allows us to adjust products so that they fit 100% into what we want." 

"Over the years, M Double You developed more and more, and we could add a whole range of other products to the assortment. About seven years ago, I decided to join House of Nutrition and continue with a bigger assortment of different sports nutrition brands. Just as the name implies, House of Nutrition is a company that includes everything you need for a healthy and fitness-oriented diet and lifestyle under one roof. We sell via our consumer webshop as well as for business customers on the B2B webshop and export, and also share recipes, blog articles, and information around fitness and a healthy lifestyle." 

"Our mission to help people to achieve a better lifestyle"

Next to a whole range of external brands, House of Nutrition became the owner of the brands Performance Sports Nutrition, First Class Nutrition, and MP3 Drinks in 2018. Seeing they offer all different kinds of products for various purposes, diets, and goals in their webshop we were curious - what does a healthy lifestyle mean for them in the first place? "A healthy lifestyle for us basically means having a healthy mindset and being active," Marco says. "We don't think it matters what kind of sport or activity people are doing, as long as they think about providing their bodies with the right nutrition and energy - and helping people to achieve that is what we see as our mission. We want to advise our customers professionally and honestly about the entire range so that they always know exactly what products are best for them to achieve their goal and help them the best way possible. We're a Dutch company, with products produced in the Benelux - we're approachable. And I think that's one of the reasons why we - in comparison to other companies - have managed to exist for many years."

Working with MultiSafepay

Their long-term goal? "Well, of course, we want to work towards becoming one of the biggest supplement suppliers in Europe. We've always seen the biggest potential for us and our whole industry in the online market, which is why we constantly focus on improving our webshop and creating the best customer journey possible. Besides good customer service, convenience is key. If a customer orders something, it gets shipped the next day. Therefore, a fast and smooth payment flow and checkout process are important for us - which is one of the reasons why we've been working with MultiSafepay for many years now."

"When we launched our webshop, we chose MultiSafepay as our payment service provider based on a combination of different factors - for example, because of the possibility to offer multiple payment methods. When we focused only on the Dutch market, the same local payment methods were all we needed. However, growing internationally, credit cards and other international payment methods and options became inevitable for us; And their whole system and platform are convenient for us to use. Beyond that, it's extremely valuable to know that there's always a trusted and stable partner in the background who has the skills, knowledge, and experience to help us whenever there's a problem to solve or a challenge that we cannot overcome ourselves. Especially after the recent year, we shared good and bad times, but we never felt left alone at any point - and what more to ask for?"

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