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Staatsbosbeheer has a straightforward goal: To protect, and to allow people to experience nature. It may sound like an easy task, but a lot of work, time, and effort is necessary to make that goal a reality. Maintaining the over 270.000 hectares of nature, including a great deal of hiking/biking trails and camping parks, is a constant effort by Staatsbosbeheer and their volunteers.

As Staatsbosbeheer’s online payment partner, our main goal at MultiSafepay is to facilitate a checkout flow for them that has a hands-off approach. This hands-off approach helps save valuable time, which they can more efficiently dedicate to their main goal: keeping nature accessible.

While the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a surge in nature lovers all across the Netherlands, the cancellation of all activities led to an unexpected challenge for Staatsbosbeheer, one that, through our in-house development team, we were well equipped to deal with fortunately.

About Staatsbosbeheer

Staatsbosbeheer has been a key part of the Dutch landscape for more than 200 years, ever since its foundation in 1899. As part of the domain Nature and the environment, Staatsbosbeheer is home to over 1.250 employees - backed up by 8.000 volunteers - they take care of millions of people from the Netherlands and abroad, enjoying nature yearly.

Creating a matching payment experience

Currently, MultiSafepay processes the payments for Staatsbosbeheer on their main website and on their website dedicated to their camping grounds. One of the key components of a good partnership for Staatsbosbeheer is being able to trust in their partner and the work they do for them. Their websites mainly attract Dutch visitors, so having access to iDEAL was essential for them. Additionally, we’ve included a few select payment methods for foreign visitors. By focusing on established payment methods such as iDEAL and credit cards, through the MultiSafepay network, we ensure a secure and strong service for Staatsbosbeheer.

“The partnership with MultiSafepay is robust, we don’t encounter any downtime and if there’s any dubious activity relating to a payment, we’re instantly notified. On top of that the support is always there for us.”

MultiSafepay custom-made script: refunding made simple

As the COVID-19 pandemic raged across the country, many activities and overnight stays in Staatsbosbeheers’ nature reserves had to be cancelled. At first, the only option for Staatsbosbeheer would be to manually refund all of these transactions, which would lead to an unreasonable amount of work. Luckily, the MultiSafepay account manager was made aware of this, resulting in some custom work.
One of the things we take pride in at MultiSafepay is our in-house development, alongside our knowledgeable and experienced integration support. By putting our heads together, we were able to come up with a swift and straightforward solution.
Through the custom script that was created, we were able to refund all of the required orders in bulk, saving Staatsbosbeheer many hours.

“Thanks to MultiSafepay’s quick thinking and proactive approach, all of our refunds were able to be carried out in bulk, saving our employees a great deal of manual work in an already bizarre period.”

We’re happy to be able to contribute to the long term online goals of Staatsbosbeheer. The main goal for the checkout for Staatsbosbeheer is to offer a seamless, stable payment experience for their website visitors. Therefore, it is essential for us to make sure they have a solid payment mix that serves their purpose. As the COVID-19 pandemic brought about many unforeseen issues, we’re glad we were able to put our expertise to even greater use and solve an otherwise time-consuming issue for our valued partner.

Over the years we’ve built up a great deal of experience, with merchants and partners in various sectors and using many different integrations. Keeping our knowledge in-house allows us to develop quickly and in consultation with our partners, which we see as a core aspect of our business.

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