Magento 2: Boost conversion through Magento Vault & Instant Purchase

With the advancement of technology, the feature sets of integrations should advance as well; to meet the needs of merchants and consumers alike. As we’re on a journey of growth together with our merchants, it was time to revamp our integration based on the feedback gathered over the years and the development of the market itself - in order to provide a best-in-class integration.
Our rewrite will bring you brand new, conversion-enhancing features, of which several are Magento specific features such as Tokenization and Magento Instant Purchase, but also some important changes to our integrations foundation; providing you with a more reliable, durable product. In this article we’ll elaborate on the ins and outs of our new integration, and show you exactly what to expect from our new Magento 2 integration.

What needed to be changed?

Looking back to 2016, Magento 2 was still in the early development stage. By looking at our own logs, combined with the feedback received from our merchants, we noticed that our integration was starting to fall out of line with our devotion to delivering the best product in class.
We wanted to be sure that we were following the Magento 2 coding standards, to guarantee that our plugin maintains a steady admin configuration and a unified user experience. Our previous iteration did not have a test suite, but in our pursuit to get rid of manual testing where possible, this was definitely something that had to be taken care of in our rewrite. By getting rid of manual testing we ensure the optimal performance of our plugins and keep maintenance manageable.

While reworking these issues one by one would have also been a valid approach, we decided to work as efficiently as possible and we decided that the best way to move forward was to do a complete rewrite of our plugin. By investing time in a complete rewrite now, we give ourselves the opportunity to solve our issues at once; at their core - ensuring they are fully resolved. We stand by our product, and believe that through solid foundations we can continue to give our users a reliable, resilient product that will last them for many years to come.

What has changed?

In order to maximize the efficiency of our rewrite, our in-house Development Team partnered up with Jisse Reitsma, a Magento Master. Together with Jisse, and our very own certified Magento developer, Vinod Sowdagar, a great stride was made and our integration took a step into the future.

Our new Magento 2 integration starts with the code, the foundations. The code is more robust; meaning less possibilities for unexpected errors on the user-side of things. Also, implementing a test suite allows us to test new features and innovations extensively before they are actually put into action. Resulting in more complete new features coming your way. Added benefit by testing beforehand: faster releases and less time spent implementing said new features.

Magento Instant Purchase

A brand new, Magento 2 specific feature for the checkout has been added; Magento Instant Purchase. When your consumer has enabled various checks in their account (default billing and shipping address for example) they are provided with an instant purchase button when looking at a product from your catalogue. A great way to lower the time it takes for your consumers to purchase and in the process boost your conversion.

Magento Instant Purchase works through Magento Vault, another new feature that we have added to our Magento 2 rewrite.

Magento Vault

In essence, Magento Vault is Tokenization but made by Magento. The generated token will be saved in the Magento database, as opposed to it being saved in our database. One of the added benefits of saving it in Magento's database is that it allows other Magento integrations to make use of said token. Tokenization is one of the rising trends in ecommerce, becoming more popular by the day. By saving a token instead of credit card data, your business will not only become safer, but also more appealing for repeat purchases.
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This rewrite also brought us our brand new PHP-SDK. When explained in layman's terms, this is a coding library standard which maintains the aforementioned robustness of code; leading to fewer bugs and better logging and debugging. If you’d like to learn more about our PHP-SDK, our other article can help you.

Last but not least, the updated PWA support with GraphQL queries. Magento decided that they are looking at GraphQL as the future of PWA support, meaning our current build needed adjusting at some point. We decided to implement this change in a separate module, in order to ensure we are compatible for the future. Result of this change is a more flexible and improved protocol.

Many of our changes seem technical, which they are, but the end goal of these improvements is aimed towards providing the best user experience possible for consumers and merchants alike. Herein lies the essence of our business at MultiSafepay; thinking outside the box and using technology and innovation to remove barriers for commerce.

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