MultiSafepay - First Payment Service Provider in ExtDN

As one of the most prominent ecommerce platforms on the market, Magento has seen many developments over the years. With the transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2, there’s been a significant shift in the possibilities for developers, but the difference in quality level for the Magento integrations has risen accordingly. Here at MultiSafepay, we strive to keep our Magento 2 integration at the top of the market. Our recent admittance in the ExtDN, especially as the first Payment Service Provider (PSP), is a testament to that. Read what that means below.

What is ExtDN?

As mentioned previously, the shift to Magento 2 has led to some amazing developments for the Magento community. But due to the increased complicacy that this platform has to offer, the amount of subpar integrations started rising. In order to maintain a certain quality level, and connect with like-minded organisations and individuals, ExtDN was founded.

The members of the Magento Extension Development Network (ExtDN) are committed to:

  • Innovation
    • Strive to promote innovation in extension functionality and code quality
  • Coding Standards
    • Adhere to quality coding standards, keeping extensions free from malicious intent, plagiarism, encryption on functional code and modifications to the Magento core.
  • Collaboration + Competition
    • Collaborate with other ExtDN members to maximise interoperability between member extensions, and engage in fair competitive behaviour.
  • Support
    • Provide timely tech support in a maximum of two business days

ExtDN & MultiSafepay

As one of our core values, we believe that keeping our code development in-house is what separates us from the competition. This goes hand in hand with our continuous dedication to innovation and quality in our integrations. The Magento 2 rewrite we carried out just last year (with the help of Jisse Reitsma, Yireo) is a prime example of this. By writing our own code, we can trust in the strength and durability of our product, as well as the ability to adapt to the market and its needs in a timely manner.

We’re not the only PSP with a Magento 2 integration, but we are the only PSP that has been invited to join the ExtDN. What does that say about our integration and our Magento 2 knowledge? We stand behind our approach, and think that in order to guarantee the quality, you have to possess the knowledge yourself. Being a member of ExtDN validates our hard work and confirms for ourselves that our Magento 2 integration can be considered one of the top integrations on the market.

What does being an ExtDN member mean for MultiSafepay?

By being invited into the ExtDN, we’ve strengthened our bonds with some of the brightest Magento developers across the globe, get to join yearly internal meetings in which the newest Magento developments will be discussed and, last but not least, we’ll be able to ensure extension interoperability between MultiSafepay and the other ExtDN board members.
All these activities will only further strengthen our integration and ensure that we will continue to stay on top of the Magento 2 game for the coming years.


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