Monar Antwerp future-proof with Shopware 6

As one of the more well-known concept stores in Belgium, Monar is definitely a success story. Their online presence is equally innovating as their offline presence, as they’re currently one of the first Belgian webshops to have a fully functional, custom Shopware 6 store. Made possible by ecommerce specialist Polaris DC. Here at MultiSafepay we couldn’t be happier to see our partners fully embrace the possibilities of this ecommerce platform, along with our integration.

Shopware 6 in short

In July 2019, Shopware released the new and improved version of their popular ecommerce platform. Just like her predecessor, Shopware 6 was also completely open source. Allowing developers to keep on building and developing new plugins and features to integrate into Shopware. Version 6 is based on headless ecommerce, which means that the front- and backend are seperated, but connected through an API. This leads to faster implementation of innovations and a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to integrating dedicated solutions, like PWA’s.
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Always developing

A real family story, Monar was originally founded by the parents and later passed on to brother and sister. Currently known as one of the major players in fashion in Belgium, their presence is ever-growing with more labels and products being offered by them now than ever before.
Being able to provide a stable, yet extremely flexible ecommerce integration to an important partner like Monar is huge for us at MultiSafepay. Innovation is one of the key aspects of our business, Shopware 6 allows us to provide creative solutions for problems that our partners encounter and really accommodate their needs by providing them with practical resolutions.

By basing our solutions on feedback we receive from our partners, we know we are able to provide these partners with direct results. A good example of these direct results, is improving the shopping experience for the consumer; or optimizing the checkout flow.

Endless possibilities

Monar’s IT partner Polaris DC - who specialize in growing their clients sustainably through ecommerce - was the obvious choice for Monar, due to the possibilities that Shopware 6 offers them, along with the expertise that Polaris has when it comes to this ecommerce platform. It provides them with, as Tom de Maeijer from Monar himself said:

The constant developments and possibilities that this new platform has to offer, brings a great deal of diversity when it comes to marketing. All these various marketing options are easy to use for our marketing team.

When combined with the integration developed by MultiSafepay, the possibilities are indeed endless. Sven Smets, Polaris DC is enthusiastic about Shopware 6. He alluded to the strong suits of the ecommerce platform, which mainly stem from the approach the developers have taken with the platform in general. By focusing on user-friendliness, along with making sure their consumers can reach them easily, they have created a platform that truly separates itself from its competitors. The main challenge for Shopware in Belgium is getting the word out about their product, making sure that people really understand what the product is.
If that gets handled properly, the potential for Shopware 6 is indeed limitless.

Here at MultiSafepay, we like to contribute and do our part in spreading the word about Shopware 6. We have somewhat of a special connection to the platform, as we were one of the first PSPs with a fully functional payment integration. This integration allows us to directly integrate the most popular, but also the newest payment methods (like Direct Bank Transfer & Apple Pay) into Shopware 6.

Curious to see if our integrations for Shopware 6, or Shopware 6 itself, is the way forward for your webshop? Or are you simply looking for a partner that can help you future proof your webshop?


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