Shopware 6

Past July Shopware has dropped their all new and improved Shopware 6. With an even more user friendly interface and new content & design features, the open source platform may be considered future ready. Furthermore, with the new globalization and marketing possibilities merchants are able to think big scale. So be aware of Shopware! MultiSafepay has already started to create payment plugins for Shopware 6. In this way, merchants are able to start accepting payments quickly and effortlessly.

Benefits of Shopware 6

With a completely new technological base, Shopware 6 offers a fresh outlook on ecommerce. The technological innovations that were implemented to the infrastructure and architecture of Shopware 6 have transformed it into an intuitive platform that is easy to use. Shopware 6 provides the merchant with many possibilities that make the platform useful for many company ambitions. Furthermore, the simple and intuitive design provides a very flexible and straightforward user experience.

We have summed up the most significant benefits right here:


  • API based & headless – possible to have multiple sales channels and frontends
  • Suitable for both B2C and B2B ecommerce
  • Multi-store and Multi-lingual are possible
  • User friendly and intuitive
  • Extensive content possibilities
  • High performance and scalability
  • Clear overview of data
  • Applicable within cloud and local


New Features

Maintaining your webshop is made easy with Shopware 6. With the implementation of styled blocks, managing your content has become extra intuitive. The flexibility that is experienced with this way of managing, enables you to style your webshop to your own needs and wants. Furthermore, texts have become easier to manage, without the editing demanding you use a builder. When considering the future, Shopware 6 is well equipped and prepared. Because Shopware 6 is completely API based or also known as headless, the technology is Progressive Web App ready. Additionally, Shopware 6 enables easy connection to shopping platforms (like Instagram and Facebook), other marketplaces and POS-systems. The simplicity in which the Shopware 6 platform is provided, makes the development and integrations costs lower than say Magento 2.

Then there is the new ‘Rule Builder’. This function makes it possible to apply extra pricing rules that are accustomed to each country. Next to setting rules for pricing and VAT per country, you can also set extra conditions for your delivery costs. Which is only fair, because you wouldn’t want to send an item to China for the same price as you would send to a local customer. The ruler builder offers many possibilities, it is possible to add 24-hour delivery for one particular country or free delivery for a certain order amount.


MultiSafepay & Shopware 6

Considering Shopware is still in its beginning stages, MultiSafepay is already very positive! Shopware 6 is based on VueStorefront and MultiSafepay recently took part in a hackathon with them. These preliminary activities have led MultiSafepay to be one of the first to make collecting payments available on Progressive Web Apps.

Furthermore, the order flow has been improved, making our Second Chance function work even better. All in all, Shopware 6 seems very promising. To confirm our assumptions, we were wondering about the expert opinion of Thomas Rolink, digital builder of Conterstones Media and Shopware expertise partner of MultiSafepay:

‘’We have already started implementing the new Shopware 6. The platform is as promising as you say, very easy in usage and also accessible for diverse company ambitions. We received our Shopware 6 certification and we are implementing our full knowledge in realizing webshops. In this, MultiSafepay always carries an essential part and that is why we are expertise partners with MultiSafepay.’’

Are you a Shopware 5 user and curious about Shopware 6? We are happy to provide a free of charge try out webshop for you to experience the new platform.


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