Shopware 6.1 plugin

We're very proud that together with our partner Shopware we're able to launch the first production ready version of Shopware 6.1 plugin! Our plugin was released at the very start of Shopware 6 and since then, the plugin and the platform have been tweaked and polished to now being able to handle actual orders!

We're especially proud on:

  • High code coverage with automated testing to ensure a carefree production environment
  • Payment logos are shown during payment method selection, increasing recognition and confidence
  • iDEAL bank selection directly in the checkout, removing an extra page during checkout!
  • You are now able to ship directly from Shopware and to sync the order status back to MultiSafepay
  • and much much more

More on Shopware 6.1

The new API-first approach taken while developing this product gives a lot of freedom. This makes sure you will be able to connect Shopware 6.1 to every sales channel and custom storefront. Headless e-commerce in its finest form. Shopware also integrated API-versioning as their default which makes incompatible API changes a thing of the past.

Moreover, the Rule builder will give you the flexibility to adjust the software to your individual business model with ease! 

Our plugin is as always fully developed in-house by our development team. Do you have any feedback or suggestions or any other inquiries? Make sure to let us know by sending an email to [email protected] or by creating a pull request on our GitHub account.

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