Meet the team - Lisa van den Bor

Joining MultiSafepay

After having worked at larger banking companies in the Netherlands and most recently in Australia, Lisa decided to leave the Australian sun behind and move back to Amsterdam. Lucky for us, because this was when she started a new career path, stepping into the fintech industry as Process Manager at MultiSafepay. Looking at her background, we were curious about what made her choose MultiSafepay and what makes our company different from the places she worked at before.

“Coming from larger companies, one of the main differences I noticed is that here at MultiSafepay, we get the freedom to actually make things happen quickly. In companies I worked at before, you had to go through so many departments and layers of hierarchy to even get minor process improvements approved. Often improvements (especially system related) would end up on a pile, with a great risk of eventually being forgotten. Whereas here, people say ‘go for it’, may it be regarding processes, systems or even improvements in the way we work! As we can quickly improve all these elements, you really feel like you can make an impact. Your input and decisions are taken seriously - and that makes you feel good at the end of the day.”

Lisa is responsible for keeping all the processes running smooth, fast and efficient - and we can safely say that we can’t imagine our daily life without her: “MultiSafepay is growing really fast, the number of merchants is increasing every day, and at some point, we saw it was becoming harder to keep up with that demand. When I joined the company, the challenge was to keep everything running and be in control without slowing anything down for the merchants. The first step for me was to create a process management framework, understanding exactly what we do, how we do it, and what it results in.

Before you can solve problems, you need to understand them, and that sounds easy, but it is very hard! We’ve all been thought to be ‘Sally solutions’, to come with a solution, not a problem! We should not forget that if we don’t understand the problem we’re solving, we’re likely to not choose the right solution. At MultiSafepay, we are now in the phase where we can leverage our process understanding. We’re currently improving two of our most important processes: our merchant onboarding and new hire onboarding. Being part of that progress together with my colleagues is what I am most proud of in my time at MultiSafepay.”

Open communication and inspiration

MultiSafepay is witnessing an immense increase in merchants worldwide. As we strive to work smarter, not faster, we are trying to keep our processes as efficient as possible. This way we can continue to help more merchants and grow along with them as a company - but actively staying away from the processes of a big, cumbersome organization. This way, we can maintain our culture and the strong connections we have amongst each other. “What I noticed immediately was the super open company culture at MultiSafepay. I remember my first weeks at the office - I had people coming up to me to have a chat, explaining their role in the company and really helping me integrate into the team from the beginning on. Even though we have three offices in three different countries, we still know each other and you feel like people actually listen to you. You don’t get lost, you can have an impact, and it’s great to contribute to a company like that.” 

At MultiSafepay, we value our people, and we believe that we can achieve more if we work together. “What I really like is that we are such a diverse company with people from all kinds of different backgrounds and nationalities. This is very helpful because it brings together different approaches and ways of thinking that allow us to find the most effective solution for every problem. I really enjoy the feeling of being part of a group that shares the same purpose. You always know why you are doing the work you do and what you do it for. The cool thing is that we remove barriers for people to receive (online) transactions, so they can run their business anytime, anywhere, especially at times like this, when shops have to be closed. The better and faster we do our work, the better we can support them. That’s a major drive for me and makes me feel really good about my job.” 

“Thinking about working in fintech? Don’t think twice.”

To be fair, for many people who are not familiar with the industry, fintech might seem a little intimidating. So, we asked Lisa what she would tell people - especially women - who are thinking about switching to the fintech industry: “I have worked in banking, but I didn’t have any tech experience. Luckily there is so much more to a fintech than just coding! Don’t let it be a barrier in your head that because you have never worked in fintech, or your gender, or whatever it is, you can’t or shouldn’t do it. I would say: Don’t think twice, and by doing that, you are setting a new standard and are removing that barrier that other people feel as well - how amazing is that.”


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