Meet the team - Khadija Straatmijer

Joining MultiSafepay

After graduating from Communication Sciences at the VU here in Amsterdam, Khadija went to Curaçao, where she did an internship in Marketing. And luckily for us, when she returned to Amsterdam, she applied at MultiSafepay: "After coming back to Amsterdam, I was looking for a new challenge. When I saw the role at MultiSafepay, I was interested straight away as it was something completely different to what I have done before - so I could be sure of this is going to be a new exciting experience. I wasn’t familiar with the industry, but once I started it was really interesting to see how innovative and dynamic it is. What was most striking to me was how natural it felt to work together in a team - to ask for help and be helped - from the beginning. I've always been a person that likes to help others, and experiencing the same with my colleagues really made me feel that I am in the right place.

I was excited to learn more and wanted to grow within MultiSafepay. Based on my background in Communication Sciences and marketing, I came to Partner Management - and I love it. What I enjoy most is communicating with our merchants and partners on a daily basis. Our goal is to build relationships and connections with our partners. We really work with them to grow together and collaborate on innovation - and I think that differentiates MultiSafepay from other companies."

The power of partnership

Things are looking very bright for MultiSafepay - we’re on a growth trajectory, and more and more merchants, partners, and team members are joining us. Safe to say, Khadija's great work as a partner manager is a key driver in this development. "Partner Management has grown a lot since I started, and I am proud that I could be a part of that. Our aim was to make all processes in Partner Management for our partners and us as efficient as possible. So, to support our partnerships, we developed a whole new team structure and organization. It's been a great challenge, and now we are at a point where we can say we are optimally prepared to offer our partners and merchants what they need, and that's great, isn't it? We really listen to our partners and leverage their feedback and ideas to develop and improve our products and solutions together. We see ourselves as problem-solvers and advice-givers - and we know  that by working together, we can always find the best solutions for every partner."

"We are all strong individuals, but as a team, we can create so much more"

What else does she think is the secret behind being not only successful as a company but also a great workplace for employees? "For me, the teamwork culture we have is one of the things I like most about working at MultiSafepay. We are all strong individuals, but as a team, we can create so much more. I like the personal approach, and the feeling that MultiSafepay trusts their employees - you are given the opportunity to prove yourself."

"Being able to grow within the company also allowed me to grow as a person. If there is one thing I miss, it is the whole office vibe and being with my colleagues."

For us, it is important to show that working in a fintech company is more diverse and multifaceted than many people might think. As Khadija says: "After I started, I was surprised that fintech is so much more than tech and coding. And the whole fintech industry is still growing so much. With the world becoming more and more digital, and commerce growing online all the time, fintech is here to stay - It’s a really exciting industry to be in! What it is now, can be completely different within a year, and being a part of that movement is really exciting to me."


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