Future-proof your Magento 2 integration

Whether you are a Magento 2 user already working with MultiSafepay, or a business on Magento looking to work with a new payments partner, you’ll want to learn about our updated Magento 2 payments integration. 

With our updated integration for Magento 2, you will benefit from a range of new payment methods, and access the latest Magento 2 features. In addition, merchants working with MultiSafepay benefit from a direct line of communication with our in-house Magento development team. No matter what new features become available or issues you face, you will always be able to offer your shoppers the best experience possible. 

In this post, we will look at four of the most important benefits of working with MultiSafepay for payments on Magento 2. 

Offer every key payment method your customers want 

The key to a successful business is knowing your customers' preferences. Offering the correct payment methods is an essential part of what makes your business appealing to certain customer groups. You’ll find an extensive mix of payment methods in our Magento 2 integration. All easily enabled by you through the click of a button. 

Whether you’re looking to appeal to the Millennial/Gen Z crowd with Apple and Google Pay, interested in reaching a Chinese audience through WeChat Pay, or targeting Gen X customers through credit cards such as Visa or Amex - we’ve got you covered. 

Benefit from the latest Magento 2 features 

If you’re trying to be competitive, you need to look at every option your ecommerce platform is giving you. It’d be a waste not to capitalize on conversion boosting features. 

Having a team of in-house developers means that if there’s any major trends or features popping up, you’ll be one of the first on the market to take advantage of them.

You’ll find every single major feature you can think of in our integration, such as:

  • Encrypt payment data for frictionless checkouts (Magento Vault).
  • Integrated ‘Buy-now’ buttons in your product listings (Magento Instant Purchase).
  • On-page credit card checkout procedures (Credit card components). 

A higher conversion results in more sales, leading to more happy customers for your business. A happy customer is one that’s more likely to return. By utilizing these features you’ll be able to create a better payments environment and stimulate customer loyalty.

Have a direct line to our developers

Whether you manage your integration yourself, or have an agency taking care of it, sometimes a specific solution is needed. If a PSP doesn’t have control over its own integration, you can imagine how much time it’ll take to make a change or help you solve an issue correctly. 

If MultiSafepay is your PSP, those are concerns of the past. You, or your agency, has a direct line to our developers. Meaning if there’s any issues that need to be resolved, or new features to be discussed, you can be sure that you’re talking to the person who can help you with that. 

Future-proof your Magento 2 payments offering

Having a stellar integration means more than being at the top of the market now. You want to rest easy knowing your business will be able to capitalize on future trends as well. With that in mind, we’ve got several interesting developments to mention. 

We’re the only PSP who’ve created an integration with Hyvä checkouts, one of the most promising integrations for building extremely fast and customer friendly Magento 2 checkouts. Besides that, we’re also the only payments provider who have been allowed into the Magento Extension Development Network (ExtDN), which is a testament to our dedication to maintain a superior Magento 2 product (if Hyvä/ExtDN don’t ring a bell with you, check in with your developer/agency). 

Selecting the right payment partner for Magento - key takeaways

Your partnership with your Payment Service Provider (PSP) is an important one. You should be looking for a partner that helps you tune your checkout to your customers needs, and gives you the option to actively influence what’s being offered. After all, you know your customers and your business the best. 

We’ve compiled a list to give you an overview of things to keep in mind when choosing your partner:

Right now:

  • Payment methods
    • Does your payment partner have an extensive payment mix, and is it frequently updated?
  • Checkout features
    • Is your partner on top of the latest features? Are you able to access all the features you need (e.g. embedded payment fields or tokenized payments)?
  • Payment gateways/processor
    • How is your partner handling your payments and in the case of downtimes, how much control do they actually have over the payment flow?
  • Partnership
    • Is it an active partnership? Do you have any say in what’s developed and is your feedback taken into account?


  • Developments:
    • Magento is a flexible, constantly developing ecommerce platform. 
      Is your payment provider actively involved in the future of Magento? Future innovations and rules from Magento itself can change the way people and businesses handle payments. Being on top of this is key.

Sounds interesting? Let’s talk.

Our payment experts will be happy to look at the possibilities for your specific case, and help you get on your way with our Magento 2 integration. We know that the transition might seem like a big hurdle to take, but once you’re on our side, you can be assured that your webshop will be handling payments and pleasing customers with the best of them.

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