Black Friday 2023 strategies: save time and enhance your business operations with our payment components

In our previous articles, we provided you with some tips about maximizing your business during Black Friday. You found out the role of a well-optimized checkout and how to protect your website and customer data from online threats, especially during peak sales moments

Let's now move to the next step for a more efficient webshop and an enhanced customer experience. In the following sections, we'll explore the numerous benefits of our payment components, allowing direct integration of the payment process directly into your checkout. This creates a seamless payment experience, contributing to an increased conversion rate.

But that's not all! There are still many advantages for you to explore. Keep reading to discover how to make your merchant life easier with our payment components.

All the benefits of our payment components for your successful growth

Integrating the payment process directly into your checkout removes the punch-out experienced with other integrations, enabling you to keep your customer in your environment throughout the entire payment experience. This not only leverages your brand but also strengthens the customer relationship, ultimately increasing trust in your webshop.

Now, let's explore the additional advantages of our payment components, point by point. 

Customize the checkout for each customer and increase conversion

Our components allow you to integrate one or multiple payment methods directly into the checkout. Moreover, you can display only the most effective payment methods for each transaction to each customer based on parameters you've set (such as geographic location, purchase amount, and so on). It means that, with our support, you can build the perfect checkout for each situation, adapting it to the real needs of each user. For instance, a Belgian customer doesn't have to encounter MyBank at checkout, as this payment method is used exclusively by Italian consumers. Customizing the checkout means creating the best conditions for a purchase to be completed, thereby increasing conversions and sales.

No worries: you won't be alone in handling this. We'll assist you in defining the correct settings for your checkout.

Streamline card payments

Here's how to make life easier for card users. This is an essential point, considering the importance of cards in the online payment industry, especially in some markets like Italy and Spain.

Our payment component bundles all card payments supported on your platform into a single entry field. As the customer proceeds with the payment, they'll find logos of main credit card schemes in the card number field. As they input the number, only the corresponding brand logo will be displayed. Once the number is entered, our payment component will validate it or indicate errors (by mentioning it as "unsupported card" or "expired card"). This feedback prevents submission errors and increases conversion.

Furthermore, the technology used encrypts the card data immediately, preventing any security risks. We are fully PCI DSS compliant, and by entering our free PCI DSS SAQ (Self-Assessment Questionnaire) you reduce your responsibility and can rest assured that your customer data is safe.

Maximize security and make recurring payments easier

The good news is that you won't have to manage your customers' sensitive data. We provide you with one of the most innovative advanced technologies concerning payments and security: tokenization (to learn more, check out this article). Tokenization securely stores users' payment data by replacing it with an alphanumeric code (a token), protecting it from hacker attacks. Customers can use the same token for future purchases and initiate payment with just one click.

It brings additional benefits for both you and your consumers:

  • You'll provide seamless, quick, and easy shopping and payment experiences catering to the online users’ preferences.
  • Your customers can rest easy, as their sensitive information is managed by a trustworthy payment service provider that can protect it.
  • They won't have to waste time filling in any data manually.
  • You'll achieve a fast and frictionless process, and this is the best way to boost recurring payments and thus increase sales.

In short: save time and delegate to experts!

Our payment components allow you to streamline your payment management, reducing your workload and saving valuable time. Time, as you know, is never enough, especially during events like Black Friday. We'll take care of the efficiency of your payments, so you'll be able to focus on planning your offers, promotional campaigns, and business growth. In this regard, since we like to support you in every possible way, here's a list of tips from our marketing team to help you maximize Black Friday sales by leveraging your communication channels to the fullest.

Get ready to shine among the ecommerce stars with MultiSafepay

If you want to be sure that the purchasing and payment process on your site is effective and functional at every step your customer takes, look at our landing page and get ready to ride the Black Friday wave! 

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