How to lock down your webshop on Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner. And while in the ecommerce world, this day presents a unique opportunity to boost sales, it also comes with an increased risk of fraud.

According to, in 2022, $41 billion was lost due to online fraud, it's expected that this amount will grow further to $48 billion by 2023. This figure also translates into substantial fines for merchants imposed by the schemes.

At MultiSafepay, we understand that security is crucial to your business, especially during Black Friday. That's why we've compiled the key points to protect yourself from fraud, theft and hackers.  

Let's dive in! 

1. Keep your platform updated

Ensuring the continuous updating of your platform is essential to your security. Apply the latest updates of your integrations as they are a critical aspect of the security of your system. These include security patches designed to rectify known vulnerabilities. Neglecting to apply these updates leaves your system vulnerable to hackers who actively seek out these weaknesses. Therefore, keeping your plugins and software current is crucial to protect your system's integrity and ensure your data's security.

2. Choose the right hosting service

The security of your web host is important for the proper functioning of your website. Making sure your website is protected against potential attacks on both a software and infrastructure level is critical, and having the proper firewalls and performing regular security scans is key. 

3. Monitor your transactions

Enhancing the security of your online store is a multi-dimensional effort, starting with the identification of unexpected transactions and purchasing patterns. While automation plays a pivotal role, establishing a robust security framework for your webshop necessitates harnessing the expertise provided by a trusted PSP like MultiSafepay. We offer clients our dedicated in-house teams and cutting-edge systems that monitor all transactions to ensure their safety. In instances of suspicion, such as potentially fraudulent card transactions, we take proactive measures like isolating them for your review and approval. This global approach effectively shields your business from fraudulent transactions and upholds a critical safeguard for your webshop. 

4. Tokenize your data

With tokenization, sensitive customer data such as payment details is replaced by tokens or unique codes stored in a virtual safe box by your PSP. So, the sensitive data isn’t stored in your system, just tokens, making it much harder for cybercriminals to access valuable information even when they gain access inadvertently.  

5. Choose your PSP wisely

Payment service providers are key to transaction security. Ensure that the PSP you choose complies with the highest security standards and current European regulations (PSD2 and SCA). A secure payment provider is essential to protect all your payment processes and your customers' financial data. 

6. Safeguarding against social engineering:

This topic involves more than just technical measures. It's crucial to address tactics employed by cybercriminals that manipulate or deceive your staff or customers, potentially leading to unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information. To safeguard your online store, educate your team about social engineering risks. Promote a culture of skepticism toward unsolicited requests for information or actions, and make two-factor authentication (2FA) a central element of your security strategy for an extra layer of protection. Prepare your staff to stay vigilant against phishing and social engineering tactics, emphasizing the importance of not using unauthorized devices for transferring sensitive information. 

By implementing these tips, you'll protect your business and customers from fraud and data breaches. 

Optimize your webshop for Black Friday and ensure every transaction is completely secure

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