AfterPay becomes Riverty: a renaming that promises transparency, reliability, and flexibility

For all consumers who choose the peace of mind of Buy Now, Pay Later solutions for their online payments, the 4th of October 2022 was a date to remember. AfterPay, one of the leading providers of BNPL payment solutions in the Belgian and Dutch markets, changed its name to Riverty.

This evocative name is ready to stand out officially on the e-commerce and digital payment landscape. It happens after a long communication and 'preparation' campaign aimed at partners, merchants, and customers, which has been taking place since the second half of August.

Changing its name to Riverty is also Arvato Financial Solutions, the company to which AfterPay refers.

This news makes us proud partners, as we at MultiSafepay have been providing the flexibility and transparency of AfterPay/Riverty's BNPL solutions to merchants in Belgium and the Netherlands. Soon, we will also be ready to offer the same products (with the same high level of support and know-how) to webshops in the DACH region.

Continue reading to find out what drives the rebranding of AfterPay and what will change for merchants offering this payment method in their ecommerce business.

Why “Riverty”?

The company guidelines explain the essence of AfterPay's new name.

The first concept that 'Riverty' intends to evoke is, above all, freedom: the term undeniably refers to the flow of a river to emphasize how customers are offered the same freedom to follow their path in a fluid and natural way.

Riverty, therefore, contains the promise of more straightforward and more flexible payments through smart and modern products. The goal is that companies and consumers can deal better with all current challenges of the increasingly complex digital landscape thanks to a more transparent overview of their spending and financial situation.

The launch of the new name and its key concepts also reflects current market needs. According to AfterPay insights, interest in Buy Now, Pay Later solutions has never been stronger: 57% of consumers say they plan to use these payment methods in the next 12 months, and 35% actively seek out e-shops that can offer this service.

What changes for merchants

On the 4th of October, besides the Riverty name, the new look and feel of the brand's products and services has been unveiled for the first time.

Consumers find the Riverty logo at checkout, where the AfterPay logo will flank it. The transition will take place gradually, and the two logos will coexist for a few months. This way, users become familiar with the new image and, at the same time, transfer the bond of trust already established with the previous one.

As of March 2023, the transition will be definitive: the Riverty logo will be the only brand image at all touchpoints.

What you need to do:

Merchants (and their customers) who process payments through our API need to update the logo by themselves (find the new logo here).

For merchants who process payments via one of our plugins or integrations we will update the logo from our side. No more actions are needed.

It is also important to remind that the name change has no further contractual consequences.

Merchants and partners who want more information about the transition to Riverty can follow the instructions provided by the company.  
This landing page explains everything you need to know about rebranding and the following steps to take. Here you can take a quiz to quickly identify the changes you need to make on your site.

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