New version of MultiSafepay Control App!

MultiSafepay has recently added new exciting features to the MultiSafepay Control app. From now on, a new and more intuitive design will keep merchants up-to-date on their payments, transactions and revenue! And the new features will allow merchants to manage transactions, carts and refunds with a few clicks anywhere and anytime!

The app's new features

For merchants, it is important to have a clear view of webshop orders, and most importantly webshop payments. Thanks to the latest release of the MultiSafepay Control app, it is now possible to get a comprehensive overview of the current revenue of the day, of the week and the last two weeks directly in the homepage:

  • Today’s Revenue view: a real-time insight which informs the merchant on what the current revenue is for today. It takes into account the transactions, their value and the costs for handling these transactions.
  • This Week view: this provides the merchant with an overview of the week. A simple and instinctive graph shows the merchant what the current revenue status is of that particular week.
  • Week on Week view: the week on week feature compares the status of the merchant’s online business with the week prior to it. By means of two separate lines, the graph clearly indicates a comparison between this week and last week’s revenue.

Furthermore, merchants are able to create easy payment links by means of QR codes or links. These payment links can be shared via social media or email. Creating payment links is a quick way of sharing payment opportunities for online consumers that haven’t paid for their order yet or handling offline purchases. The MultiSafepay Control App also includes an update to its filtering system, it is now even more easy to find specific transactions!

In app cart editing

Merchants will now have the option to edit payments in the checkout editor. By just a few taps merchants are able to adjust the shopping cart to the needs of the online consumer. Perhaps an online consumer made a mistake in ordering too many articles. While on-the-go, the merchant is able to respond quick to situations like these!

By simply clicking a transaction, the merchant is able to edit the checkout cart, refund or complete an order and change the order status. Moreover, besides the option to apply full refunds, the app now also allows the merchant to send out partial refunds and shipments.

The in-app editor enables merchants to be in complete control of the order checkout!

Status updating

Lastly, MultiSafepay has tightened the way merchants are able to give status updates on orders. Payment methods that provide ‘post pay’ solutions like Klarna, Afterpay and our own Pay After Delivery or E-invoicing require clear communication with the online consumer. In the MultiSafepay Control app, the merchant is able to change the order status of Pay After Delivery, Klarna and E-invoicing and efficiently keep the online consumer up-to-date!

As you might have noticed reading this article, MultiSafepay has implemented lots of improvements to the MultiSafepay Control app! Would you like to flawlessly conduct your business on-the-go? Download or update the MultiSafepay app for Apple or Android!

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