iDEAL transactions now show the name of your webshop

MultiSafepay has developed a new feature for your iDEAL transactions. As of now, your webshop name will appear on the payment page and bank statement of the customer. MultiSafepay already accomplished this for VISA & Mastercard transactions and this now also holds true for iDEAL transactions. iDEAL is often used by Dutch customers with 88% of Dutch online shoppers using the payment method at least once in 2018 (eCommerce foundation, 2019). This ensures higher customer loyalty and more brand awareness for your webshop. The update is available for all Dutch bank’s including (Rabobank, ING, ABN AMRO, ASN bank, Knab, SNS bank, Triodos bank, RegioBank and Van Lanschot Bankiers) with iDEAL transactions via MultiSafepay.


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The update beholds various benefits for you as well as the customer:

  • Prevents confusion

Prior to the update, customers would read ‘Stichting MultiSafepay B.V.’ and this would occasionally lead to confusion about the payment. Having moved on to showing your webshop name, results in more payment transparency. Moreover, the customer endures more clarity on what parties are involved in case of questions about a payment.

  • Builds customer loyalty

Besides reducing the likelihood of a confused customer, this advancement is also great to increase customer loyalty. The customer is no longer wondering what goes on behind the digital payment curtain and is directly exposed to your webshop name. This gives the customer a sense of trust in where his/her payments went and who is involved in the payment process.

  • Increases brand awareness

No longer will the customer be exposed to the details of the Payment Service Provider. Displaying the name of your webshop is therefore a way for customers to remember your webshop name. This makes this update a subtle way of empowering your brand and expanding customer's brand awareness.

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