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As a full-service ecommerce agency, Divide is dedicated to delivering solutions that enable their customers to push their business to its maximum potential. Here at MultiSafepay, we identify with that philosophy. To help Divide customers deliver a next-gen payment experience, a full upgrade of our Divide ecommerce integration was needed.

This article will tell you everything we've added in our latest joint release. 
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Fashion-focused payments 

Knowing your audience is vital to striking gold, and offering payment methods that match your products and target audience takes center stage. With Divide being the market leader in Fashion ecommerce, adding payment methods that perform well within this segment was imperative. As such, our latest update added staples in the Fashion segment. Digital wallets are essential in creating the fastest checkout possible. Divide customers can now use popular wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, which enable frictionless one-click purchases for consumers.    

The best customer is a returning one

We briefly touched on it in the last paragraph: one-click payments. To create a smooth experience for the returning customer, you want them to be recognized and able to pay swiftly.  Our latest Divide update does just that; we’ve now integrated our tokenization tool. This allows you to store used payment methods safely, giving your customers the option to activate their payments by just clicking (or tapping) on them.   
When the customer returns to your website, all they do is activate their favorite payment method, and they’re good to go.   

Did we mention swift payments? 

You’ll probably notice a recurring theme in our latest update: reducing checkout friction. Our last addition, payment components, is another part of improving the checkout for the end user. This solution allows the Divide users to ‘embed’ payments into their checkout. Where a regular credit card payment will redirect a customer to an external page to enter their details, our component integrates this into the checkout. Completely cutting out the external page redirect, minimizing the chance of lost customers.   
Combine payment components with tokenization, and the user will fly through the payment experience in seconds. 

Ready to take your payments to the next level? 

Divide and MultiSafepay’s partnership is here to elevate your business. Access the latest payment innovations and manage your business efficiently through our powerful dashboard. 

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