Meubis: ‘The little things really make a difference’

As a specialist in providing affordable, yet high quality, furniture, Meubis pushes itself to the limit every single day on their mission to make high quality living affordable. From dining to bedrooms, to decorating your new office or restaurant, Meubis has everything you need.

The product range that Meubis offers is key and they expand this product range every single day. This is to meet their clients growing demands and respond to the latest trends.

Personal contact is imperative

When asked about their vision, Meubis says it is their goal to make high quality furniture available for every single one of their customers. The furniture they select is chosen with a specific goal in mind; so your interior reflects your personality.
Besides providing stylish interiors, Meubis emphasizes the personal contact between them and their consumers. That same mentality is essential for Meubis to have a great relationship with their partners, as owner Dimitri Samaras alludes:

‘The feeling and personal contact is essential and without it, I don’t feel comfortable working together with someone.’

Meubis’ core values fall right in line with ours at MultiSafepay, providing an excellent product/service along with personal contact that goes the extra mile. Over the years MultiSafepay has had a great collaboration with Meubis and we’re happy to continue to work alongside them to think of solutions together.

The right tools make all the difference

One of the key parts of our service is providing our merchants with various instruments to enhance their webshop, our various conversion boosting tools are a great example of this. In the case of Meubis they have been making use of several innovative features that, especially for them, have done a significant amount of work when it comes to their conversion.

As owner Dimitri states: ‘It is not uncommon for people to browse our website and select some of our interior products, but for various reasons decide not to complete the purchase. Automated second chance emails follow up with these customers so that they are able to complete their purchase afterwards, without us having to contact them ourselves.”

By providing Meubis with a way of automatically contacting these consumers who break off their purchase, many have still been convinced of completing their purchases, generating a great deal of otherwise lost revenue for Meubis.

‘The possibilities and ease of use of the backend are indispensable’

Meubis offers its furniture and interior products to different markets across various countries. Being flexible in such a situation is essential; payment methods vary between countries and offering the right one can do wonders for increasing your sales. MultiSafepay’s expertise on this matter proved to be very helpful, allowing Meubis the flexibility they need to offer the right payment methods for each of their respective markets. Bancontact for Belgium and iDEAL for the Netherlands, to name two great examples.
‘The little things really make a difference’ as Dimitri points out. These small changes when it comes to styling payment pages and having a backend that is easy to use, can elevate a partnership to that next level.

Here at MultiSafepay, we always strive to work with our partners to find solutions together. Through feedback and cooperation we believe every webshop should be able to achieve what they set out to do, and it’s our mission to provide them with the tools to do so.

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