Collect&Go startet mit innovativer Zahlungslösung in die Zukunft

Collect&Go, Colruyt Groups online grocery service, is currently testing two new services: “Collect&Go Connect” and “home delivery by neighbours”. Both services connect two groups of people with each other: those that need help collecting their groceries and those that would like to earn some extra income by grocery shopping, or delivering groceries to their direct neighbours.

In the recent, unsteady months, creating that community feeling has become more important than ever. Here at MultiSafepay we are more than happy that we can help these great initiatives achieve their goals. We’ve therefore developed a custom tailored payment solution for Collect&Go.

How do Collect&Go Connect and home delivery by neighbours work?

The two services have a decent amount of common ground, but in practice there are some important differences between them. Through the Collect&Go connect app the consumer can compile a list of required groceries, after which a neighbour can collect these groceries from an OKay or OKay Compact-branch to deliver to the original consumer. The home delivery service works through the Collect&Go pick-up point in Halle, where a neighbour can collect the groceries and deliver them. Bringing these neighbours together, is one of the main strong suits of the platforms, as Tom de Prater (Collect&Go) alludes:

“Step by step we are cooperating in, and working on, a society where people take care of eachother”.

Families with a (temporarily) lower income can use these platforms to generate some extra income. At the same time it provides less mobile people with an accessible way of getting their groceries delivered and make contact with some of their neighbours. A win-win situation for all involved.

A new approach

The norm for consumers was always to reserve their groceries through Collect&Go, pick them up and pay for them at the pickup point. Processing online payments was a completely new part of the business for Collect&Go. Thinking in solutions and truly working together was therefore key in this collaboration.

"The MultiSafepay Team knew that we wanted to make progress on this innovative project swiftly. Even before all the administrative obligations were completed, we already received access to the tool. This allowed us to further shape both the customer journey and the way we organise ourselves internally."

In this specific situation, it was essential to create a payment solution that was easy to use - and manage -, but also could be implemented in a short timeframe. The answer to this question? Tailor made payment links.

Custom built payment links

Payment through links was the ideal solution. Generated swiftly, simple to oversee, manage and easy to use for the consumers.

After consumers open the payment link they are forwarded to the secure MultiSafepay payment environment, where they are provided with several payment methods. On the landing page, the most popular payment method from Belgium is presented; Bancontact. By offering this payment method as the first option, consumers are able to progress through the payment process in as little time as possible.

The flexibility of payment links shines by offering multiple payment methods, which allows consumers that have a preference for payment methods other than Bancontact, like creditcards, to do so without too many actions.

Safety first

Payment of groceries through an online payment method brings countless positives. The contactless form of payment is, first of all, a safe solution during the COVID19 period. When using the home delivery by neighbours, the payment link is sent through email, meaning no physical contact is made between the payer and deliverer. The contact points in the Collect&Go pickup points are disinfected multiple times every day. This allows the deliverers as well as the employees in the stores to maintain the social distancing requirements.

Through good cooperation and the resulting, rapid implementation of the payment system for Collect&Go, the needs of the market have been met. The network of neighbours ensures that people who want to earn an extra income, or people who prefer not to go to the supermarket themselves, are both accomodated. An ideal solution in uncertain times.

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