Introducing Pay After Delivery 2.0 - your 360° BNPL solution

MultiSafepay has a clear focus on helping our customers create the perfect payment experience for the end-user. Considering the developments in the fintech market, we’ve released a brand-new iteration of our in-house Buy-Now Pay-Later (BNPL) solution, Pay After Delivery. At the heart of our product is our relationship with our merchants and ensuring they always keep control of valuable customer data. Also, payments made through Pay After Delivery are collected by MultiSafepay, meaning payment for you is guaranteed

This article will dive deeper into what’s changed and what that means for you.

Some statistics to start off

It’s no secret that BNPL has been one of the trending topics of the last few years. Fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of BNPL has been a historical one. The younger generations especially show a high tendency to use BNPL over credit cards, which shows the validity of the payment method in the future.  

Some quick numbers:

Explosive growth of the BNPL market
  • 2020 - $ 87.2 billion
  • 2021 - $ 125.9 billion
  • 2022 - $ 179.5 billion
Audience numbers on the rise

360 million people worldwide using BNPL services in 2022 - projected to grow to 900 million by 2027.

Gen Z adoption rates

The adoption rate among the Gen Z demographic lies around 40% in 2022 and is expected to rise up to 47% by 2025.

BNPL payment methods - An overview

When looking at BNPL products, there are essentially three flavors you’ll run into the most. These are the following:

  • Pay in 14 or 30
  • Pay in instalments
  • Financing 
Pay in 14/30

Pay in 14/30 is the most common form of BNPL. As the name suggests, the payment is delayed by 14 or 30 days, after which you'll receive the total amount at once. 

Pay in installments

The other variant that many consumers prefer; instalments cut up the amount in multiple payments. Ideal for splitting a larger purchase but not receiving credit. Needs to be fully paid within 60 days to avoid being a loan. 


An alternative form of BNPL that is structured more like a loan. Usually requires a more extensive credit check and is reserved for higher order amounts. Payment plans can extend up to several years.

Pay After Delivery 2.0 - Your 360° BNPL solution

To offer a complete end-to-end service for our merchants, a product-oriented payment service provider such as ourselves had to ensure our in-house solution was up-to-par with the latest standards. Our product has been overhauled, upgrading some of the behind-the-scenes procedures and adding an entirely new online payment option, all while ensuring your customer stays your customer. 

For both of our Pay After Delivery payment methods, MultiSafepay is responsible for the collection of payments. Meaning payment for you is guaranteed. 

Pay in 14 - A staple revamped

As mentioned earlier, Pay in 14 is a staple within the BNPL market. Our newly revamped technical backside delivers a more refined experience for both you and your customers. By analyzing customer data faster and more thoroughly, we’re able to create a better risk profile for your customers. This reduces the risk of non-payment while resulting in more acceptances and faster payments overall. 

Pay in Installments - Maximum flexibility

Besides our Pay in 14 option, we’ve now added a Pay in installments option to our PAD offering. We know our merchants service a diverse audience, so we’ve included several options to finetune your BNPL offering to match your customers. Pay in installments allows your customers to split their payments over a period of 60 days, giving them more room to purchase more expensive goods and services. 

Our modular structure gives you the option to add parameters, so for example, if you’d like to only offer Pay in installments from a certain order amount, we can easily enable this for you. 

Perhaps most importantly, our Pay After Delivery product ensures you control the customer journey. 
From the start of their journey to their successful purchase, you are always the one in control of the customer data. No MultiSafepay apps interfere with your branding or delicately built customer journey.

Last but not least - Partial shipment

While the headline revolves around adding the installments feature, our solution has received a few other noteworthy improvements. One of the additions we think you’ll appreciate: Partial shipments. A partial shipment is the fulfillment of a single order in more than one delivery. Essentially giving you control over how to send your order to your customer. The result is more control over your logistics. 

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